The big one, a lot of people have been waiting for this for a very long time. Having earned around about £500,000,000 in its first 24hrs you know Rockstar have outdone themselves. Lately I’ve needed a distraction, I’ve been pretty social because of that, my journey of distraction took my to my friend’s house whom had acquired the game within the first few hours of release. There are a lot of people who will line up outside of a store for a midnight release, I am no one of those people. I’ll would rather wait a few days or a week to avoid crowds of entitled 13-17 year olds. As you can guess we spent the entire night playing the game and it struck me enough to go out and buy a game, something I haven’t done since Hitman Absolution was released.

Since that hazy evening in a small East-London maisonette I was determined to get this game and believe me it cleared the shelves quicker than I had imagined, I actually had to make calls regarding availability to avoid traveling miles to get it. All my local stores had either closed down or were sold out. It took almost five days to acquire but it was totally worth it. I found the missions interesting, the characters endearing (yes even the raging psychopath) and Rockstar hasn’t lost its trademark wit. This game has had me go wtf, laugh my ass off and generally lose hours to it. This is the first game in years to completely live up to the hype surrounding it. As I said before Rockstar have outdone themselves.

I’ve played the introduction and a few later missions, It wasn’t exactly my intention to play the later missions but when it’s 3am and your friend is sleeping because he’s got a hard day busting his ass in construction, what can you do? I wasn’t going to walk home for another few hours and I certainly wasn’t going to sit quietly in the dark or watch shitty television. So I had little choice, I really can’t stand boredom and this game definitely alleviates it. It is because this game is so good at killing time that I haven’t steamrolled through it yet. My little slice of hell is long and slow so I need all the distractions I can get.

gFPFiFyThis picture describes the cops on this game perfectly, they are fucking robocops alone and even worse in numbers greater than two. These cops are damn near omniscient. Then again people would have complained if the cops were easily slaughtered. The AI improvements are amazing and even though they are amazingly efficient the game is realistic enough to allow you to attempt to hide from police rather than fight them so I guess the real world physics and tactics make up for the fact that you’re being tailed by about 8 terminators.

The living world in this game is amazing, I’ve already been brutalized by a cougar after escaping from police in Blaine County. I’ve seen enough of the terrain to say that this entire game is visually beautiful. I also enjoy how random happenings can coincide with a crime you’re committing or just your journey from A to B. I’ve been stripped, robbed and woke up naked on train tracks with all my stuff gone. It is an interesting little touch that the protagonist can become a victim of crime themselves at any one point. The living world will give you about as much shit as you have given it. There will be a few moments where the game will take you completely by surprise.

My single complaint about it is the car problem where your personally modified vehicle disappears from your garage. This was quite annoying to me but apparently Rockstar are working at a fix if they haven’t come up with one already.  My general consensus on GTA V is that it is well worth your money wherever you are in the world, even places like AUS where prices are extortionate. This game was worth the wait and definitely worth parting with your money.



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