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I haven’t posted much lately…

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ImageI don’t know if you know but I recently lost my girlfriend which was kinda crappy to say the least and now I’m detoxing, no alcohol, cigarettes or anything else and at the same time I’m sick so its been a fucking wonderful month or so, what can I say?
I should be posting up some time soon.


Oranjeboom, alcohol and public drinking.

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Somebody once told me they’d never tried a good Dutch beer, I didn’t really agree or disagree seeing as I’ve had some passable dutch beer in my time. I remembered a brand of beer I recognized my father drinking all those years ago. It was called Oranjeboom. I don’t often drink lighter beers but if I’m going to drink something light and refreshing I’ll definitely spend a night drinking this stuff and since I rediscovered it I have done.
There’s a little visual aid for class. If you can get a hold of this where you are give it a go. It’s a lot better than most of the shit on the shelves at your local Off-License, Liquor store or wherever you purchase your alcohols. I don’t think I’ve ever seen it on tap at bars or pubs. It is usually a little more expensive than other larger/beers and priced a little higher too. Money to match quality I guess. No real hangover. A good all-rounder really.

While we’re on the subject of beer I find the whole no public drinking law bullshit, I don’t know if any of you are remotely common enough to drink a beer during a long walk on a summer’s day. Well now I am legally not allowed to do at risk of a fine all because of a few idiots. I occasionally enjoy drinking in public, I’m never belligerently drunk and I don’t cause trouble while I drink. I just drink and now because of a few assholes anyone that wants to drink a beer in the park or wherever is suddenly a criminal.

Idiots and a Nanny State… great combination.

Today is our anniversary

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Apparently, according to wordpress, we’ve been doing this for 3 years now. I think the last two anniversaries I was across the world or something like that. Anyway I’d just like to say the last few years posting here has been fun, I wondered recently if any of you have actually been here since the very beginning? You’re not a talkative bunch. Then again neither am I so I guess I reap what I sow or some bullshit. I honestly thought we were getting into our fourth year, surprised me that today was the day I began here all those years ago. I’m going to have to try to think of what the hell was going on my life then and why I decided to create this place…


This is also our 250th post, that’s like a milestone or something, right?

A collection of amusing stuff from the internet.

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Because that’s what I usually do when I can’t think of anything to post. Also Kari Byron.


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I had a few ideas for some posts but it seems the ever marching drone of Sunday boredom seems to have destroyed any chance of recovering those post ideas I had in the back of my mind. I’m sure they were good ones too. The thing was that for once they had a degree of thought behind them… and they’re gone. I’ve got a lot going on right now, part of me wants to wake up and deal with it and the other half wants to go back to sleep and dreaming. Things have got to change, around here too. Meanwhile here’s a nice picture of the tarantula nebula. Beautiful isn’t  it? For me it also represents being far away from here or anything I know. Maybe that’s what I need. I can’t believe I lost that damn post.

Fucking hate how that happens.

I was just wondering

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Do Jehovah’s witnesses have turf? We’ve had the same two coming around here for years, these two are like level 100 Jehovah’s witnesses and they’re getting ever closer to where they’ve been wanting to be their entire lives. More power to them. I think they’re slipping or something because lately there have been two new ones coming on alternative days. I’m not sure that they are aware of one another, I hope they’re not territorial. I think we might have a turf war on our hands…

I think I might have anger issues recently…

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I mean all considered it is understandable but that latent anger definitely isn’t helped by the various external stressors, like assholes waking me up before 8am and not being able to sleep properly. Then there’s the less subtle ones like that guy today that tutted at me for no reason, normally I would have walked on but today I asked him what his problem was to which he just stared at me, I promptly told him to fuck off. Then there’s the traffic and all the sociopaths behind the wheel on London roads. If the horn was a gun the roads would be lined with bodies. Seriously the way they use those things you’d think they were weapons. When you’ve had so little sleep that sort of thing gets to you. I’ve been somewhere between anger, apathy and nothing at all. I’ve been pretty good at letting things slide for a very long time but it looks like I’ve recently learned how to be angry and express it to other people around me without any sort of thought about the consequences. There has been more than one time this week where I’ve been ready to slam someone’s head into a car door. You could say I’m having a bad time. Don’t get me wrong I’m not going outside and starting trouble with people, everyone who I’ve had a confrontation with has tried to shit on my in some way or another and lately I’m just really bad at letting things slide.

I’ve really got to work on that…