Oh, hello. You’re looking at my blog.

I feel as if I should have knocked out a few more posts by now, don’t get me wrong I’ve being dealing with my own problems in the last month. This sudden small upturn feels so unnatural against the last year, the tide seems to be letting up which is nice after you’ve spent 365 or more days getting hit by wave after wave of shit. It is nice to be on dry land. Things are changing rapidly. I’ve resigned to the fact that if I want to make good money I’ll have to have my own business or way of making money. My little circle is getting smaller, with a good friend of mine moving 70 miles away with his partner in order to have their baby. So yeah I have very few people in my life. I’m putting my feelers out but at the moment I’m pretty happy with it for the moment. There will be more posts to come. I had all these ideas while I was knocking back beers annd they’re gone…

Oh and finally, I apologize about the advertisements you may see. Especially inappropriate ones unless they’re funny.
Turns out they need to make money off this place. I’m waiting to see the general quality of wordpress decline now it has become about profit.



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