I’ve had several breakthroughs with my guitar playing lately. My guitar is reaching new levels, I guess that happens when you spend 10 hours a day playing with it. Recently I was invited to go play with a few friends who wanted to make some music, they needed a guitarist and I was really excited to be a part of something musically speaking. I’d already written lyrics about an hour after I’d found out this was all on. To be honest two hours after I knew this meet up was happening I had lyrics, a guitar piece and even an idea what the drums and bass would sound like. I was told it was grunge-esque which was good considering I was shooting in the dark.

Unfortunately one member who was hosting the venue cancelled due to their child becoming ill, it’s unfortunate but it happens. Everything got cancelled, I haven’t heard anything since but I am going to try to rearrange it. They gave me something to start with and it got me thinking I could actually write something with some help. I have all these ideas yet I’m still learning. That learning has picked up pace recently but I could benefit from a teacher or just other players.  I was involved in a previous project musical, then the mixing equipment was stolen. And the studio wouldn’t allow outside access anymore.

My friend wanted a song that conveyed some sort of emotion, I wrote about someone who had lost their love and is spend their days on a slow roll of self-destruction. I already had a creeping guitar riff for this song, honestly I’d written it a long time ago. I say written it was more the haphazard twanging of an electric retard back then. I didn’t know what I’d do with it but it sounded great. It all came together in this song. It is more than raw, it needs cleaning up among other things but it’s all there. I could make a song out of it.

I have a few riffs of my own, strange thing is some of these sounds I’ve discovered and had since the second day I was playing but I’m just learning how they relate to other things. At the moment I have like a quarter of a puzzle finished the other three-quarters are lying on the ground in a pile. I hope that makes any sense to someone other than myself or I’m going to sound crazy. The other thing I’m doing is looking at artist play-styles and learning tricks from them. I already know what sound I’m going for, I’ve recently achieved that sound with Drop C. I’m wondering if things would sound any better in Open C.

When I picked the guitar up I knew a few things off-hand and didn’t really practice. It was more of an exploration. I spent a long time exploring the guitar neck in terms of sound. Good thing the room was sound proofed. I worked a lot out by ear pretty quick. I spent just as long finding out what chords I was playing and the one’s I’d played accidentally without knowing it was a chord. I was pretty stupid. I didn’t really use a pick for at least the first year. Even now I’m 50/50 with it.  I wasn’t interested in music until later in life and not interested in the technical side until a few years back.  The another reason why I’m basically calling myself and idiot is music lessons were provided in school, my mother always wanted me to play some instrument… I could have got free lessons and a guitar… I look and feel like an idiot right now.


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