Down by the river, despair upon Thames.

I haven’t really been called in much to work lately, doing just enough to earn my keep really. I don’t see much point in doing any more than that seeing as we’re at some sort of stalemate where nobody is doing anyone any favors. Suits me just fine. I don’t exactly enjoy the place or the work so this is a blessing in disguise. Anyway, that’s a different thing entirely.  On occasion that I am called into work I have a decent on foot journey which is usually enough to make sure I’m awake. Most nights I could count the hours I slept on one hand. My life is quite the juggling act.

On those early mornings I walk up a main road that leads directly into London, I walk past warehouses, refuse and sometimes even the carcass of a bird or some other unfortunate animal that either died of old age or became a victim of the road.  Considering it is a main road leading to the capital its a really barren path to walk. Grey, dirty and depressing. Really sets the tone for a crappy day carrying out a mindless task that you have little or no interest in.

Eventually I get to the small turn off that could be so easily missed, I follow this path which the local authority make a pathetic monthly attempt to maintain.  They do the most half assed job I’ve ever witnessed leaving discarded electronics and all manner of crap in a small ditch beside the path, I do wonder… Are they even trying anymore?
Following that dingy path further down leads on to the river.

It really is fascinating the crap you see at low tide there’s the usual rubbish like discarded buoys, suitcases, shoes and sometimes really interesting stuff like old ships that sank in the Thames, there’s one that looks like a wreck from skyrim, there’s a chest there too, you can bet someone has picked that wreck over. Then there’s whatever is being dumped in the river which looks like some sort of soap.

Some people live on the river, I can’t comprehend why someone would want too, It could be cool for a while but that feeling may be short-lived. It could be cheaper? Then again that wouldn’t be hard with the rent being astronomically high for the standard of housing provided. Can’t imagine boats coming cheap. I can’t really understand why anyone would want to live this side of the Thames.

This whole area is the most depressing place I’ve ever been too. There was a time when it was bearable, maybe because it was all I knew but now I need to escape this place. I don’t care how long it takes. Often times I find myself sitting on the concrete barrier besides the bank smoking my cigarette, before heading in for 8 hours plus of stress, wondering if this place was always so dreary. I think it isn’t just that I live in a shit hole, society itself has changed.

Don’t get me wrong I don’t want to sit on my front lawn having hour-long conversations with my neighbor but way back I remember when neighbors acknowledged each-other and there was some small sense of community. That’s all gone to shit since the early 2000’s. British Society in general seems to have undergone massive change in the last 13 years. None of it good in my opinion. America isn’t perfect but a lot of the time I find myself having a smoke, knocking back a drink or playing my guitar dreaming of a place I’d rather be.

If you live here you’ll know what I’m talking about. That innate desolation and solitude. The bottles slide into the gaps on in the bench, the stubbed out spliff ends, cigarette butts on the floor. Someone has sat there by the river drinking their sorrows away. There’s also the occasional homeless person. I often wonder why they would go anywhere near the river, its cold, exposed and desolate. There is literally nothing there for them or anyone else for that matter.



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