Life goes by…

The past week has been very quiet for me. Apparently not putting me on rota at work is punishment of some sort. That’s cute. Sure it has been pretty quiet and the last two days I’ve been a little bored but honestly this is the best punishment ever. I shot out a few CV’s to some attractive positions I’m better suited too. Had some good ideas, did some yard work. Despite the boredom the time has been used productively. Anyway other than all the little things I’ve filled my time with, this morning I received a phone call thinking maybe it was work related I picked it up and it was my good friend’s fiancée on the phone she informed me that she was pregnant being barely awake I responded something like ‘oh, wow… wait, what? Pregnant?’
I put the phone down shortly after taking a message for somebody and later on in the day my friend showed up himself to see me, we haven’t caught up in about a week or so.

Well I just found out that a good friend who isn’t much older than myself is becoming a dad, I responded with something about getting a little time before things get crazy for him. We agreed that a few celebratory drinks were in order. He’s nowhere near ready yet but then again who is?
There’s a mix of euphoria and fear on his face that betrays the fact that he is worried, I assure him that’s natural and that he has a lot to do. I also then go about congratulating both of them. Life goes by, time has flown. Years back we’d all walk to school together and give each other shit. General kid stuff. People are having babies and working and all. It’s funny how time goes by like that. Needless to say I feel old.

I felt like I should write something…


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