Kitten Cat

So my first paycheck came in a few days back, it’s half gone already but on the plus side I’m debt free, I have a new land-line and I’m one cat up. That special lady in my life is a cat fanatic, she loves her cats and is well on her way to becoming a crazy cat lady. She’s looked after countless kittens so I have my kitty cat encyclopedia for the stuff I’ve forgotten, its been a good ten years since we last had a kitten. At the moment she’s asleep on my bed, I forgot how damn cute they are. The kittens are from a friend’s cat a ginger and white father, black and white mother so she’s calico. She has a really beautiful coloration.

This all began when my sister said she wanted one and decided to drag me along after work to see the kittens, I saw them last when they were just a few days old, their eyes weren’t even open yet. I went in and she was the last one, this little kitten comes bounding over to my little sister and sat on her feet. She instantly fell in love with her and it was pretty much decided then and there. I was buying that kitten whether I wanted to or not and besides with my sister cooing and this little kitten asleep on my jeans how could I say no?

Sometimes I think that’s why my woman puts up with me, because I love animals and I’ll never say no to one. We were thinking of names for the kitten for a few hours and in the end we narrowed it down to Nova, Juno and Indiana. In the end Indiana won. It was originally my suggestion but my sister hijacked it and eventually she got her way using this clever reasoning: You’re going to call her, kitten, Catten, poospe and all the other names you generally call cats anyways so it doesn’t matter what we name her. She had a rather good point actually. In-case anyone was wondering why Indiana, that’s the state I went to in murica.

So yeah tl;dr version: I have a Kitten.


3 Responses to “Kitten Cat”

  1. I’m so excited for your new cat! Do you think you could post a picture or two? I’m not that much of an animal person myself, but I do think kittens are cute!

  2. I will attempt to post a picture of her soon, if I forget remind me because work really screws with me sometimes and I forget things like that.

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