All the good foods.

I’m old-fashioned in that I really don’t care that certain foods are bad for me. I love food, too much sometimes. Lately my diet has expanded greatly from Indian mango lassi, which I’d recommend to anyone and the other day I had an amazing brie and bacon roll. Anyways I’ll get to the point. My mother is a carer and many of her colleagues send us food back, I’ve tried all sorts of African food including barracuda which is a really good. A lot of African food is, they cook the meat until it just about falls off the bone, in a word: Glorious.  Anyone who is African, has African friends or African family will know that went they cook oftentimes they cook a crap load of food so I end up with something new to try at least twice a week.

One of my mother’s old people is from Sri Lanka and a Buddhist, she’s a lovely woman and I recently met her in person and congratulated her on her culinary prowess. If you ever get a chance to try Sri Lankan food do so. It’s a damn shame she has Parkinson’s and it will only be a few years before it gets bad. She’s an amazing cook really, I’ll have to take down a few recipes. I like to go to my mother’s work. The old people love me and are always trying to give me things. It is like having multiple grandmothers. More about the Sri Lankan lady. Her Buddhist friends come from the local temple perform blessings and other services in exchange for a cooked meal. I like that its rare nowadays that someone does something out of kindness.

I can’t wait to try her next dish, Buddhists are awesome. If I were ever to choose a religion it’d be Buddhism.


3 Responses to “All the good foods.”

  1. Sounds delicious! Are you any sort of religion?

    • No I don’t subscribe to any religion for various reasons. My family are Roman Catholic, my girlfriend’s family are Catholics. I’ve been to churches on a few occasions in America out of respect for her family and the people are nice and the community is good but there’s a lot they say that I personally don’t agree with. I like my religious people with brain cells those who discard anything that is nonsensical or just plain wrong?

      I’m guessing you’re Catholic, Protestant or maybe baptist?

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