Things that have changed since I started work.

I’ve noticed a few changes in myself and my life since work started here’s a small list of the most important ones:

1) I’m physically fitter,
Work seems to have done a number on me in the first month but I already feel much fitter than I did a few weeks ago and the amount of weight loss and muscle gain I’ve experienced has been pretty good. I definitely look better than I have in a long time. Might also be from cycling to work.

2) I have to manage my time now,
Whatever it is I want to do I seem to have to plan it out in advance, I’m not a person who wears a watch or the type that plans ahead for something seemingly unimportant like hanging out with friends or spending time playing my guitar but now I have to. As a result I’ve become much more organized than ever before.

3) Really and extension of number two, my social life is suffering and getting better at the same time.
Obviously I’m meeting people, hanging out with those particular friends more often and suddenly catching up with a social life that I left behind about five or so years ago. Suddenly I’m a privy to all manner of things that I never knew before. Not all of it good. At the same time my time with the people I love is suffering and must be planned meticulously.

4) My diet has improved, vastly.
I’m more likely to eat well because I’m hungry. I’ve eaten salads, pickle and other things I would have turned down before because I’m so damn hungry after work. I think I’m generally appreciating food more.

5) I’m smoking less.
Some days I’ll only smoke five or six cigarettes, I think when I get settled into work completely I’ll go to the doctor and get patches of something because seriously fuck Champix.

6) I will have money.
I’ve gotta try not to go crazy because I’m going to have more money than I know what to do with. It’ll be nice to finally be able to start working towards my goals.

7) I’m more and less tolerant of people at the same time.
I’m more tolerant of people in general lately but even less tolerant of idiots, especially when my time is being wasted. I hate people wasting my limited time so I’m quicker to tell somebody to hurry the fuck up, that they’ve made a mistake or that they’re just being plain stupid or taking the piss.

8) I resent paying so much tax on everything.
Another reason I prefer America. You think your taxes are insane, try living here. I’m surprised I don’t get taxed for breathing. There’s certain things I’m happy to pay tax for like the NHS because even though it is a clusterfuck it does save lives. Other things I’m not so happy to pay for. Better make sure I vote.

These are the main thing. Thanks for reading…


4 Responses to “Things that have changed since I started work.”

  1. It’s great to hear that things are going so well for you! I want to say congratulations on the weight loss!!
    This might sound strange but I’ve read your blogs for a year now and I’ve kind of been a lurker, well I finally made my account! I’m a fellow smoker and it seems to me that when I go almost an hour without smoking I can’t manage, it was a horrible thing when I was in college (or as people in England say “uni”). How did you manage to go through such a change in scheduling?

    • It’s nice to know I have some lurkers, I know this place has misanthrope in the name but I enjoy feedback from readers. Sounds like you’re a pretty heavy smoker. To be honest I just don’t think about it, I have days where I need a cigarette but I can go out for one provided I’m not too busy. Even when I’m not allowed to go for one I usually sneak off, I’ve bent the rules for longer than I can remember and that’s not about to change. I get in, put my feelers out and find out how far I can bend the rules and as soon as I know the system I’m a part of I can bend the rules to my advantage. How did I do it though? I didn’t really have a choice to be honest. Just did it. Anyways it was nice hearing from you and stick around.

      • I’m quite a heavy smoker, yes. It’s actually one of the main reason’s I didn’t have much money in college. I hear you about the bending the rules on smoking. You do not know how many times I’ve snuck smoking around in my dorm. Sometimes you just don’t want to go outside and light up, especially when you’re in bed with a great cd on, y’know? Anyways, I’m happy that you’ve figured it out.

        You don’t have to worry, I will be here reading whenever I get a chance!

  2. I don’t smoke in bed, I knew a homeless man named Leo whom I’d buy cigarettes for and talk too. He’s passed on now from something alcohol related and speaking the man’s name grants him life eternal. In short I’ll never forget him. He lived on the streets because he was punishing himself. Cautionary tale: Leo was a very very rich man, one night he fell asleep smoking a cigarette in bed and it started a fire which resulted in the destruction of his property and the death of his wife and newborn child. He punished himself daily for it. Leo’s story made me decided never to smoke in bed. I confine all smoking to my kitchen where no fires can start if a lit cigarette is dropped or left around. I do love a smoke and some good music.

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