On Vodka.

I’ve never been a massive fan of it, I’m more of a bourbon man myself. I’ve given it ago over the years from cheap stuff that might as well be labeled firewater, a good example would be glen’s vodka. Alright for a mixer if you like vodka that much but other than that it is pure distilled evil and tastes like death. If you were going to war or preparing for war I’d recommend cheap vodka. It makes people angry drunks, I think anger is a key ingredient in most cheap vodka. There’s middle ground vodka like Smirnoff and Absolut which are okay even if you don’t like vodka, good all rounders. Then after that section there’s the good stuff real Russian vodka to other more exotic kinds which are generally good drinks but cost way too much. Just in-case you’re wondering how I’ve tried all these expensive vodkas I will explain that briefly. Me and friends spent time working for a wine, beer and spirits delivery company which took drinks to lots of major clubs in London. Occasionally accidents would happen or whatever else and you’d end up with a few bottles of expensive drink that had lost value for retarded reasons such as: The case is broken.

Some vodka could be drank in shots before the a war is due to start, some of it should just be labelled ‘War Juice’ and drank ceremoniously before battle with ones comrades. Vodka is definitely not a drink to be fucked with its amazing how it can make people angry. I find it funny how every summer I walk home from wherever or past my local green spaces see kids in their teens mangled off their faces learning this lesson. We’ve all been there but it is important for them to learn this lesson. I have known alcoholics but not one of them has ever drank vodka daily.  I don’t know how a person could do that…

Many years ago I had a bottle of Grey Goose Citron, french vodka, I remember it being a really nice drink but then again we also had Goldschlager which I still love to this day and some Louis Remy Martin Cognac so you can imagine what kind of night this was. Anyway I was recently given a bottle of Grey Goose as a thank you and it wasn’t terrible or anything it just had no flavor and didn’t seem to do anything to me. They call Grey Goose the worlds best tasting vodka, I wasn’t aware that nothing was a flavor.  I’m most surprised I felt nothing from it which is strange considering it was 40 percent ABV. It’s also semi expensive so I’d expect a decent kick out of it, it is definitely nowhere near as good as I remember it being. I’m actually kinda disappointed by it but hey it was a gift. As vodka goes I am a fan of Belvedere, absolut and a few other kinds of vodka on occasion but I don’t think I’ll ever drink the plain Grey Goose vodka again. I may as well grab an Evian…



3 Responses to “On Vodka.”

  1. What kind did you try in America? I would have to say a personal favorite is Rum. I remember the “good old days” of trying Vodka for the very first time. And when I say good old days I don’t mean good! 😉
    Anyway, I know you’re a Jack Daniel’s fan, have you ever tried their bbq sauce when you were in America?

    • In America I had Honey Jack Daniels before it was out over here, I think it was relatively new over there too. Rum? I like my red or if its white rum then its going to be Bacardi. I did have the BBQ sauce and it was glorious. I also love A1 steak sauce, my woman’s grandpa introduced it to me. When it comes to grilling that man is a beast. I tried some Absinthe, it isn’t like the proper french stuff but its pretty good, I started to run out so I had it with some carbonated lemonade and some ice. Good decision. Some American beer is glorious, especially micro-brews and Blue moon or Goose or whatever it was called. I tried the beer named best beer in the world a few weeks before it was crowned, I went drinking with a great band called The Prowl. Talented, great and funny guys. Check them out.

      • Alcohol is hard to pass by sometimes if I’m the one who is purchasing it. Money is really tight since I’ve graduated. I always had to try to afford some food, even if it was cheap and from the Dollar Store to feed myself for the week but I did get to try the bbq once I got my first job. The bbq sauce is the best!

        I didn’t know you were back with your girlfriend! Congratulations! You didn’t post anything about it so I just assumed you two were still apart or working on things. That’s nice to hear. (:

        And The Prowl? I don’t think I’ve heard of them.

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