Monster Rehab.

ImageI’m a fan of energy drinks, I think you all know this by now. I’ve been through a lot of different kinds. Monster was never my first choice, it tastes different from the version available in the USA. I don’t know why, I like the taste of the standard monster energy drink but it was always too carbonated. I was generally dissatisfied by the choices available in the UK. I wish we had Monster Nitro.

The Monster Rehab series is by far the best Energy drink I’ve ever had, they’re refreshing and they do the job. The only question I have is: How had nobody thought of this before. I’ve been in love with the Lemonade Ice Tea for a long time but the new Green Tea Monster is amazing. It’s currently my favorite drink, I really want to try the Roja tea too.

The green tea monster is amazing, if you haven’t had it go get some, right now.


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