That F**king Milkman Again…

About a week back I was on my doorstep talking to a friend after they dropped by unexpectedly. During our conversation who shows up other than that fucking milkman. Time has passed and my annoyance has subsided so I didn’t even think of cutting his head off and placing it on a pike outside my front lawn, he was doing his rounds to see if he could deliver to anyone else. I refused his service once more but I pointed him toward other members of my neighborhood who might require his deliveries. Now before you think to yourself ‘decapitating a milkman and placing his head on a pike on the border of your property is a bit much’ please consider that I had made it clear on multiple occasions that I did not want or need milk. Anyway I wake up a day later to find two bottles of milk on my doorstep. Well skimmed milk isn’t really milk, it’s a mixture of water and lies. Anyway I specifically told that milkman that I do not want his damn milk. There was no way on earth that the message did not get through and yet he still delivers milk. Maybe he’s not making the money he used too but he’s definitely making more than me so if he turns up here and asks me for money he’s getting told that he a) a takes the piss and b) should step away from my door post-haste.


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