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I finally have a job.

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I finally have a job, not because of the government with their incentives and system designed to get me back into work but because of an off phone call from a friend at god knows what time in the morning. I was half asleep when I received the call at around six am. I was informed I might have a job, my friend had told a little white lie to secure me an interview. A lie about my experience that is. I must have responded ‘okay’ to this stream of information and as easy as that I was told to come in the next day for an interview.

I met my friend there the next day for my interview, from this point I knew this was going to be interesting. My interview was in a kitchen and the most informal interview I’ve ever been to. I was quickly talked too by middle management and then the boss. During this interview my friend comes out of the front, slams the door against the wall with the force of opening it and shouts ‘well you know what? You can go fuck yourself.’
The boss proceeded to laugh and tell him to get back to work and not to set a bad example for the new guy. He seemed more amused than anything else.

During the interview I was told my CV was impressive, which was nice to hear. Then he asked why I didn’t continue my studies. I told him I needed money to do anything, even study. He then proceeded to ask me why I’m applying there. Then some more general questions and he told me when I come in for a paid training day, again informal as hell…
I began today, made no errors in accuracy and generally impressed them with my ability to pick up the system they have in place, the boss was so happy with my performance he wants me in during the bank holiday, which is double pay. It’ll be my second day of work. So yeah by now I bet you’re wonder what the hell it is I do. I’ll admit it was never even considered when I thought about employment. I work in a logistics operation, which is a better way of saying I run around a large space collecting parts for orders with a bunch of crazy Spanish guys, a good friend of mine and some other guys I don’t know yet.

The general atmosphere of the place is a good one, everybody seems to get along and there’s plenty of comic relief in that place. It’s pretty fast paced work though, so I’m never going to be bored. I also have more lunch break than I know what to do with. One strange thing is that I find myself eating things I don’t normally eat because I’m so hungry. Mayo, pickle and other stuff I usually hate. I feel like I’m appreciating my food a lot more.

I’ve actually been wondering what the hell I should do with my money. It’ll certainly improve my situation and I’ll be able to buy myself things. *Must not spend money like an idiot.
I haven’t really had money to spend on anything other than essentials for a few years so this will be nice. I guess I’ll have to get a cellphone, since I’m getting one might as well go all out with an iPhone five. I’ve seen some pretty good deals. I’m curious about androids too, If I’m getting a phone it may as well be a good one. Other than that I just need some new clothes for work and then the rest is for savings/general living costs. I think I’m going to have more money than I know what to do with.

but yeah I have a job…


Damn near a year ago and I’m just getting off that plane…

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It’s no secret that the last year has sucked for me, lost my fiancée, best friend, cat and motivation.  2013 will always be remembered as the worst year of my life so far. I mean one day it’ll seem like nothing and I’ll look back and laugh at what an idiot I was for saying this because something far worse will have happened to me by then. I haven’t really written anything in a while due to the sheer amount of shit I’ve had to deal with in the past few weeks, that all seems unimportant when I consider that me and my ex are currently trying to work things out between us. It’s obvious we love one another a lot and maybe it was the added stress of not seeing one another for so long that really fucked things up for us. All I know is that its a slow process but wounds are beginning to heal. So yeah, I’ve had at least one bit of good luck.

Unfortunately my life is a fucked up web of complications that seems to constantly hinder any progress I might make. I’m not really here to bitch about it, I have clothes on my back, shelter and food to eat so I can’t really complain too much. It’s funny how after a year London still seems so alien and hostile to me. I imagine I’ve been through some sort of institutionalization where I’ll never fully get used to being back in London or the way we live here. To be honest I fucking hate it here. Samuel Johnson once said ”when a man is tired of London he is tired of life.”
I think that is bullshit, I submit to you that there is no life in London unless you were born into some kind of money or your family earns a decent living. For those of us on the bottom of the ladder life is hell. Solace and arrears. One day, no matter the outcome of the next few years, I will leave this place and never look back.

I realized that more than anything I enjoy travel, every single time I’ve traveled I’ve felt free and at my happiest. It really doesn’t matter where I am as long as it isn’t London or England in general really. The thing that really sucks for me is that for as long as I can remember I’ve been in love with this girl who lives so far away from me its ridiculous, things have been less than ideal but the way I feel about her and the way she makes me feel keeps me coming back for more. It’s funny how love can make you travel three thousand miles, disregard everything and blindly pursue happiness. Since I got back to this place I’ve been unable to find employment, much less employment that will give me enough time off that I can go be with her. I’ll admit I’m stuck. I have no idea what to do. I’ve been lost for the better part of a year, desperately wandering, delirious trying to find my way back to her.

Without a job I’ve lived an existence that a Buddhist monk would be proud of. I own very little: 2 guitars, an amp, a television and an Xbox. That is the extent of my worldly possessions. I need a way out of this slump, unemployment sucks. It’s hard to find a job at the moment, even harder to find a decent one. I’ve toyed with the idea of working for myself or working freelance but what the hell would I do? I have no idea. If you have any ideas please submit them because I’m clueless at what I could/should do for a living. In the words of the joker ” Do I look like a man with a plan?”

I don’t live the worst life but it’s definitely hellish, not only am I unemployed but my mother doesn’t make much money past paying the bills so we’re always living from paycheck to paycheck which sucks when those paychecks are a month apart. I’m still dazed from the break up/unexpected attempt to rekindle our relationship and I’m generally confused about what will come next. I’ll go as far as to admit that I’m pretty afraid of what the future holds for me, if anything at all. I have a general plan which I’ve had since I was a boy, marry the girl I love, be with her, start a family of my own, build a new life on distant shores and a better life than I’ll ever experience in London.

One of the worst feelings in the world is going from loving every single moment of your day to hating all of it because you’re alone and stuck with no way out of the shitty situation you find yourself in. Going from enjoying Japanese food with the woman you love to eating some shit you threw together at whatever time at night. Going from an exotic model to being another face in the crowd. All of these things and more add to the hopelessness I feel day-to-day.  She suggested to me doing something like a couple  on tumblr did where people donated toward their trip but alas I’m too damn proud and slightly uncomfortable with having my life on display for all to see. Don’t get me wrong I’m not shy but something about using my personal life and problems to beg for money doesn’t sit well with me. I’d rather take a walk out back and shoot myself in the head. Why the fuck did I have to be a man of principles?

I  guess it just hit me that I don’t have a single fucking clue about making money… or anything really. Feels bad man. I just want to see her again.


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I don’t usually do this sort of thing but fuck it, it has been way too long since Era Vulgaris. They have been my favorite band since god knows how long ago and they are fucking awesome. I’ve not been disappointed by a single track so far and the animation by Boneface lends itself so beautifully to the overall desolate sound of the album. Listen to this album. It is fucking beautiful.

Internet funny…

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That F**king Milkman Again…

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About a week back I was on my doorstep talking to a friend after they dropped by unexpectedly. During our conversation who shows up other than that fucking milkman. Time has passed and my annoyance has subsided so I didn’t even think of cutting his head off and placing it on a pike outside my front lawn, he was doing his rounds to see if he could deliver to anyone else. I refused his service once more but I pointed him toward other members of my neighborhood who might require his deliveries. Now before you think to yourself ‘decapitating a milkman and placing his head on a pike on the border of your property is a bit much’ please consider that I had made it clear on multiple occasions that I did not want or need milk. Anyway I wake up a day later to find two bottles of milk on my doorstep. Well skimmed milk isn’t really milk, it’s a mixture of water and lies. Anyway I specifically told that milkman that I do not want his damn milk. There was no way on earth that the message did not get through and yet he still delivers milk. Maybe he’s not making the money he used too but he’s definitely making more than me so if he turns up here and asks me for money he’s getting told that he a) a takes the piss and b) should step away from my door post-haste.

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I really hope justin beiber is arrested in dubai.

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Yes Justin dun goofed. In Dubai of all places. What an idiot. He had his passport taken from him and his cars impounded, apparently one of his entourage was also arrested. That man is the one I feel bad for, he has basically been arrested because that little shit misbehaved. From what I have read Bieber is a douchebag whose whole touring crew hate him, this pretty much confirms my feelings about this ‘boy’. This may well be the moment we’ve all been waiting for… the fall of a corporate sexless child-man monster.

Here’s to hoping they find drugs on his tour bus again…