Random Acts Of Bullshit.

Yeah, Reddit again. I realize I complain about Reddit a lot. Maybe even too much but Random acts of Reddit bothers me not because I’m a grouchy bastard who doesn’t believe in the milk of human kindness but because these ‘random acts’ do not occur enough to constitute and entire sub-reddit.
If by chance they really do occur with such frequency they would no longer be random now, would they?
Its called Random Acts of Reddit, based off random acts of kindness, I don’t know if it’s just me but displaying your random acts of kindness for karma kinda takes the whole random and kindness parts away. Why not rename it ‘douche bags doing things for karma’ or better yet why bother naming it at all that last sentence describes a good 75% of Reddit.

Then my next gripe is look who I ran into at X, which directly translates to look who I followed around a Target for half an hour before mustering the courage to stutter a hello. You didn’t ‘run into’ that celebrity as much as you stalked them, also there’s the fact that I don’t give a damn about you or that celebrity. Every post with that title causes me to roll my eyes and scroll straight past it. The other thing that gets me is when people post these supposedly natural, random pictures that are obviously staged but the idiots lap it up like milk. It’d be cute and idealistic if these people weren’t idiots. Circle jerk was once funny because it mocked stuff like this but the rest of the hive-mind don’t seem to see the humor in it. If people aren’t posting this sort of crap for karma then it is attention, probably coupled with a distinct lack of social skills and a need increase one’s own self-worth by helping another.

It doesn’t sound like such a bad thing because at the end of the day it is helping people in some way or another. I wonder what kind of karma I could get if I brought heroin for a junkie and posted it there…
I guess my point is that posting this stuff on Reddit takes away everything that made it good but then again these people are doing this for attention so I don’t know why I’m even trying to make something good out of this attention seeking bullshit. Finally Redditors need to stop starting submission with ‘So..’ its boring and unimaginative.

So once again, screw Reddit and screw most Redditors…


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