So they retired MSN messenger…

MSN MessengerI’ve complained a few times now that MSN messenger is like a graveyard but I’ve also realized that many people still use this service, just nowhere near as many as it used to be. I heard recently that MSN had decided to retire their messenger service and I must admit I was a little saddened by its departure. I remember many a night spent up at gods knows what hour chatting to friends on MSN. Nowadays we’ve moved on to Facebook and many other services but these come at the price of our privacy.

Many people constantly complain about how invasive Facebook can be, yet we ignore readily available forms of communicating with our friends in favor of this newer social media at the price of our privacy. We bitch and complain but do we even know what we want. Surely if you want privacy you can forgo a few useless features like Farmville in order to ensure our entire lives can’t be looked up by a creepy man with a very specific lack of social skills. Is it too much to ask for our privacy?

All remaining MSN users have been pointed toward Skype and making a Skype account. I don’t really have too many complaints about Skype, as good as it is the service will never be as sturdy or reliable as MSN messenger was or maybe I’m just a Luddite who can’t let go of the past. The saddest part of this is that MSN was still pretty widely used and could still run a scaled down service. It’d still work and it would cost Microsoft less to run and maintain. Part of me just thinks that this was about money. I know Microsoft took over Skype and I don’t really care to know much more than that.

I’ve also read Skype is about as good for privacy as Facebook. Honestly this whole MSN retirement feels like attending a funeral of friend, I’m sad to see it go but I’m also concerned about the lack of privacy in the newer generation of social media. Then again there is one way to ignore it all and that is not participating. I’m heading that way with Facebook I’ve come to realize that I can have all of the things that Facebook provides by bringing together multiple programs/services without the price of my privacy.

Myself and many others are going to miss MSN Messenger,


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  1. I appreciate it for writing “So they retired MSN
    messenger Alpha Misanthropos”. I actuallywill absolutely be
    back for alot more browsing and commenting soon.
    Many thanks, Dana

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