Religious debates

People always say that one should never discuss religion or politics with others for fear of causing some form of shit or malice between the two parties involved. I think this is a pile of crap, I used to be the kind of person that enjoy religious debate but that was back in a time where one could have a civilized debate on this subject without calling a theist an idiot for believing in god or an atheist a fag loving satanist who is going to hell.

I had many good debates with theists and atheists alike, to be honest I’ve never been struck on the idea of an omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent being. But that’s just like my opinion man. Some people like this idea, whole-heartedly believe it and find it comforting and I respect that. Despite not believing in god I can’t jump on the atheist band wagon and attempt to shit all over every theist I ever meet.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re wrong or right, by engaging in this behavior you have proven only one thing beyond reasonable doubt. You have proved you are a very weak-minded and willed individual. I and every other reasonable person looks upon you with scorn, if there is a god above and I’m wrong I bet even he looks upon you with a degree of scorn, his hand cupping his furrowed brow thinking to himself ‘where did I go wrong with this one?’

These kind of atheists are sad, little people. Don’t get me wrong there are sad people on both sides of the debate but for all their claims of being intelligent and reasonable individuals they can still partake in this kind of hypocrisy, the very intolerance they denounce. The thing that kills me, like splits my sides is that no matter how hard you all curse, bitch and moan you’ll never know the answer till its too late and either way it won’t matter by then. What’s the point of debating it?

I wouldn’t waste my time on this rock because, though you call it a debate it is more of a pissing contest nowadays. I would go as far as to say that those people that call themselves atheists and engage in these kinds of debates are an embarrassment and the reason why I will never call myself an atheist. Yes it is a perfect term to describe my godlessness but the negativity and idiots associated with it prevent me from ever wanting to be a part of the mainstream’s idea of atheism.

If anyone requires an example or field-specimen of this sub-species of atheist you could head on over to r/atheism over at Reddit and get a good idea of what I’m talking about.
These kind of atheists, their theist counterparts and general stupidity (not being able to partake in a debate without attacking ones opponent) is why I don’t involve myself in any kind of religious debate.

So if we could get an answer from someone who isn’t a complete retard?

That’d be nice,


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