Remind me never to buy a blackberry and if I ever do you have my permission to hunt me down and shoot me in the face. Now we’ve got past that extreme opening statement I’d like to tell you why I dislike blackberries with a burning passion. To give you a little back story I’ve been using a friend’s blackberry phone for a while now, mostly for its Internet access.

As a cellular device the blackberry isn’t too bad, I’ve never had a problem with calls or text messaging but when it comes to Internet access the blackberry is sub-par. I use the Internet a lot both for research and for the sake of dicking around on the Internet/Facebook which I personally hate, but for me is a necessary evil.

So anyway I’m between failbooking and looking at some important things on the Internet and suddenly the blackberry decides it cannot handle loading two pages and informs me that I must close tabs. Sometimes you can get around this by clicking cancel but other times it shows you that the device is loading then closes everything you’re looking at.

Thanks for nothing blackberry, that was an awesome way to fuck me over. It’s like ‘hey bro we’re closing your page but remember that other important document that you were looking at? Yeah we’re closing that too!’ That really pissed me off, I mean seriously you’re telling me the device can’t handle me looking at two pages at once?

Another thing with blackberries is that the thing takes a year to turn on so lets hope a blackberry user is never in the middle of an emergency with his/her phone turned off because they might as well kiss their ass goodbye. Blackberry is one of the most unreliable phones I’ve ever encountered, in terms of reliability those 90’s Nokia brick phones out-perform it.

You’d think that the shitty reliability of this phone might be offset by its apps but it isn’t. BBM for example is already available in other forms and doesn’t cost you a penny and the iPhone does everything a blackberry does only better. I hate Apple as a company, their business practices etc but I’d take an iPhone over a blackberry any day.

This has been a rant, remind me never to purchase a blackberry.


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