Well that was disappointing.

Updating you on the scrapping, I worked for about 3 hours scrapping electronics, metals and various other items I could get paid for and all in all I received £5. I didn’t expect to get much, it was more experimental than anything but anyway here’s how that played out.

I grabbed all the stuff and stripped it as I mentioned, I then packed it up and headed toward my local scrap yard, on foot. I walked into the open doors and past the fleet of 8 vans unloading lead, copper and various other heavy metals. In case you didn’t know heavy metals are where the money is. Most of these vans/trucks looked dodgy and so did the people driving them, it wouldn’t surprise me if these materials were stolen from houses/building sites. I saw two vans with black tape put over numbers, turning a P into an R etc.

It’s safe to say it is a waste of time for me and I won’t be doing it again.
On to alternate methods.


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