Old Coinage and Stamp collections.

I am not the type to collect anything, after all you can’t take it with you and the values of coinage and stamps take notoriously long to increase. On the flip side a coin with a mistake on it is usually worth more than a perfect condition coin. I have a modest collection of stamps and coins, I never intentionally collected these. I cannot be certain whom in my family started the collection but the coins have been laying around for some time.

It’s not secret that I am not exactly loaded so I am looking at selling these coins to a collector or some sort of merchant in order to make some money. I’ll also be selling that stamps at a later date but currently I have no idea of their value. As far as the coins go I have check the value of each, one reason for this is that I do not have a clue about the value of old coinage and the second reason is that I do not trust people, even if they are reputable coin dealers.

I tried to get of these coins before by having a family member take them to the bank, that family member was told that all of the coins and notes are out of circulation and therefore worthless. After face-palming recently I thought that maybe I should take them to a coin dealer. Looking at the values I found one of my coins is silver, hand hammered and from 1562, it could fetch up to £500. I have a few coins worth £50 others worth 30,10 and lower. I stand to make good money off these coins and who knows about the stamps.

I’m calling a local dealer tomorrow to make an appointment for Monday in order to get these coins valued wish me luck.


2 Responses to “Old Coinage and Stamp collections.”

  1. Just wow. what kind of bank was that?

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