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Well that was disappointing.

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Updating you on the scrapping, I worked for about 3 hours scrapping electronics, metals and various other items I could get paid for and all in all I received £5. I didn’t expect to get much, it was more experimental than anything but anyway here’s how that played out.

I grabbed all the stuff and stripped it as I mentioned, I then packed it up and headed toward my local scrap yard, on foot. I walked into the open doors and past the fleet of 8 vans unloading lead, copper and various other heavy metals. In case you didn’t know heavy metals are where the money is. Most of these vans/trucks looked dodgy and so did the people driving them, it wouldn’t surprise me if these materials were stolen from houses/building sites. I saw two vans with black tape put over numbers, turning a P into an R etc.

It’s safe to say it is a waste of time for me and I won’t be doing it again.
On to alternate methods.


Scrap Metal and Misanthropy. Selling precious and non-precious metals.

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As you know I’ve been selling things because times are hard here.  The bad news is that I still haven’t sold those coins and stamps because the appraiser is away on holiday, the good news is that I’m going to Fenchurch Street in London which is home to reputable stamp and money traders who are approved and will give me the fairest prices. I may have to spend some money to get up there and sit on the tube with some sweaty, smelly, people who have no concept of manners or personal space. That with the travel fee is worth the aggravation because the potential for a reasonable to large profit is high.

This week I’ve mostly gotten rid of silver. I don’t wear gold because in my eyes it is tacky as hell, I wouldn’t be caught dead rocking a gold chain. As a misanthrope I have an inherent distrust of people in general. One group is distrust more than any other is pawnbrokers, especially cash-converters. I understand that they have to turn a profit with minimal losses but the prices they give you are poor at best. Any place that buys gold for cash, they’re all rip-offs that I have avoided. I assumed the same for silver. I took a few items around town and checked up the prices, avoiding smaller shops because I reasoned that their fees would be higher and buying prices lower. I checked anyway and I soon confirmed that this was indeed the case.

I took my silver to an independent trader who offered the best prices of all outlets, would you believe that a good portion wouldn’t even accept silver. I ended up making a good £50 on a relatively small amount of silver so that was a worthwhile trip. It also feeds me for the remainder of this week. I can’t complain at all. Going back to my distrust of these people, I always do my research and recommend that you do too. People will try to screw you over. A lot of these shops are populated by idiots who couldn’t even tell me the current price of gold/silver which is a major part of their vocation of choice. Some were being dishonest and others were just idiots. Either way it isn’t going to fill your pockets, if a trader seems even the slightest bit dodgy I suggest you trying another location.

I also sold some electronics which were barely worth anything due to their age but all together made up a tidy sum of money, I had difficulty getting rid of cameras and reasoned that their scrap value would be greater than the paupers sum that various shops offered. A day later I realized that I had a lot of scrap metal. Another great thing is that today is recycling collection meaning that I can ask the neighbors if I may take their cans for some environment related crap that I don’t give a damn about. Save the planet?
Put food on my plate and I’ll think about it. So tomorrow is a day to strip wiring, disassemble laptops, cell phones, anything with wiring or a motherboard, collect cans and other metals which I will then turn in to the local scrap yard for profit.

If people are so wasteful and don’t want to make a profit from this method why shouldn’t I capitalize on that opportunity?
It isn’t like I don’t need it, I’ll update you on the situation tomorrow after I’ve finished scrap hounding like a junkyard dog.

Old Coinage and Stamp collections.

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I am not the type to collect anything, after all you can’t take it with you and the values of coinage and stamps take notoriously long to increase. On the flip side a coin with a mistake on it is usually worth more than a perfect condition coin. I have a modest collection of stamps and coins, I never intentionally collected these. I cannot be certain whom in my family started the collection but the coins have been laying around for some time.

It’s not secret that I am not exactly loaded so I am looking at selling these coins to a collector or some sort of merchant in order to make some money. I’ll also be selling that stamps at a later date but currently I have no idea of their value. As far as the coins go I have check the value of each, one reason for this is that I do not have a clue about the value of old coinage and the second reason is that I do not trust people, even if they are reputable coin dealers.

I tried to get of these coins before by having a family member take them to the bank, that family member was told that all of the coins and notes are out of circulation and therefore worthless. After face-palming recently I thought that maybe I should take them to a coin dealer. Looking at the values I found one of my coins is silver, hand hammered and from 1562, it could fetch up to £500. I have a few coins worth £50 others worth 30,10 and lower. I stand to make good money off these coins and who knows about the stamps.

I’m calling a local dealer tomorrow to make an appointment for Monday in order to get these coins valued wish me luck.

All glory to the hypnomap

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US Presidential Election 2012

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I’ve been trying to avoid posting about this but it has a large part in my life even when I’m not there. I’ve been watching the map as the US 2012 Election as polls close and results come in, it’s actually pretty tense to keep checking the map as it updates every 30 seconds. It’s about 2am here and between looking at shit on Facebook and talking about the election with friends from the united states I have nothing to do but watch that map roll with updated figures.

Personally, though I don’t have a say in the matter, I prefer Obama. He was never my ideal candidate for presidency but I’ve grown to like the man. There are some promises he hasn’t delivered on but can you really expect Obama too clean up the mess left by the Bush&Bush in one term. I’m just hoping that if he gets a second term he has a lot to live up to. I like President Barrack Obama for getting results and as a person. I still think he has a lot to prove as a president of the USA.

Lets hope Obama wins this because the alternative doesn’t bode well for the common man.
I have a hard time trusting Mitt Romney, I’ve caught him out lying, I’ve seen that he is clueless about foreign policy among many other foul ups. Including when he was recorded speaking his mind about some issues, some of the things he believes about working class people are borderline retarded. I could never vote republican/conservative. They’re just so out of touch with the common people. Romney for example, a big business owner and a very rich man. He doesn’t have the working class in his interests. The only way you’ll benefit from Romney being president is if you’re rich.

I’m going to go back to watching this unfold because I can’t concentrate enough to write a decent article right now.

Let’s hope for America that Obama wins.

I haven’t done this for a while.

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Some of you may be shocked and or offended but I don’t care.
If you’re under 18 or easily shocked/offended go away!

Why do I even call these people ‘friends’

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The other day I ventured outside, shocking I know.  The lack of a certain woman in my life and boredom drove me to consider going out with my friends. My mistake. I went to a friend’s house and when I got there he was playing on his Xbox 360, a game called fallout 3.  As much as I love sitting quietly watching someone play Xbox I didn’t come out for that reason. I was talking and just catching up because I haven’t seen friend B in a long while. Friend A was sitting there holding his head during the time I was talking to friend B.

Now incase you don’t already know this: I don’t respect people’s privacy. You gain valuable insight into the people you know by reading their correspondence with others. After asking friend A to borrow his phone in order to message my significant other, after sending said message I noticed he had sent a message to friend B who was in the same room not 5 minutes earlier. This message read ” I wish I had bought him with me he’s killing my buzz.”

Now I don’t understand why he couldn’t tell me himself. I keep the company of spineless idiots it seems. I sent a message to friend B that read    ‘I’m killing his buzz lol, how cool is that?’
You might be wondering why I would do that, the reasoning behind it was to show them how stupid they are being. From reading further on I find out the game he is playing is actually my game. Straight away I pull them up about it which is when friend A (An expert bullshitter) tried to tell me that he called to ask me if it was okay.

I know he did not but I left it because I didn’t care that he had my game, I’m not that petty. Later friend A screwed friend B over by taking some of his tobacco on the pretext that friend A would share his smoke him. He obviously did not, he smoked it and then left. I used this opportunity to tell friend B that I know he never called me to ask. He then admitted to this but said he asked friend A to call and ask and he did not do so.
I really don’t care too much that he has my game but if one of them had just said ‘yeah mate I gave your game to friend B’ I wouldn’t have a problem at all.

It seems the people I call friends have an inability to be honest when it comes to me. Snakes in the grass or just idiots?