Update, Everything that could possibly go wrong is currently going wrong.

I’ve had a pretty interesting month really, first off the financial situation was shitty which is something I can deal with. Then the oven decides to pack up on me, then my charger cord and on top of that, being stressed and not being able to sleep with a jaw ache made me miss a JSA appointment which is now being referred to a ‘decision maker.’

I think it’ll be fine but it could all go sour. I have to grill or fry everything at the moment. I made pizza on a grill yesterday which was an experience. Can’t wait to do some chicken on there. Things are pretty crappy right now. Could always be worse but Alice isn’t exactly in wonderland over here. This all gives me more reason to be pissed off at the world.

For a start Sony, you’d think for all their expertise and experience they could make a battery and charger that is a little more durable. Battery needed replacing after the first year and the charger will have to be replaced for the second time, what is with that. Sony need to step up their game, it isn’t like the charger or battery were abused or anything.

Secondly to the JSA, you’ve sanctioned me before for no fucking reason, I have your employee’s assurance that everything ‘should’ be fine. I’m sure you’d find any god-damned reason not to pay me so don’t be surprised when your reassurance is of no relief to me. I entered into an agreement with you that while not difficult is mandatory. I feel like I’ve sold myself into slavery.

Why the fuck can’t I find a cooker with a grill for 200? That’s really pissing me off right now. I can handle grilling shit for a few months but I’m not missing out on Christmas dinner. Looks like I’ll be having my own little thanksgiving because why the fuck not. At least the financial situation will improve this month, at least I hope.



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