I’m getting a lot better at it, in my recent bad luck I was informed that my friend no longer has access to the studio at this point. He may possibly get access again in the future but at this point, when, is unknown to me. I still enjoy playing everyday. Sitting down and practicing has almost become religious. Gives me something to focus on so I don’t go crazy with boredom. It drowns out everything which is really a beautiful thing if you’ve ever experienced it. I’m knocking out new riffs every few days, learning more, experimenting with old riffs and seeing what comes out. I’m also learning more theory. I can play pretty well now, free style and such but I know next to nothing about theory. I need to expand my bank of chords too. It’s an ongoing thing. I don’t think I’ll ever stop playing. Maybe someday it’ll take me places and I can transfer my misanthropy into a song.



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