This blog gets a lot more monthly traffic than expected.

It’s not a lot really but it gets into a thousand or just over a month. I just wanted to confirm that for myself because I never really expected that. It’s a damn shame I only get one or two of you who talk.



2 Responses to “This blog gets a lot more monthly traffic than expected.”

  1. lafingman0 Says:

    That is a good amount of traffic. Does the blog service break down where the traffic comes from?

    • I get a lot of traffic from the US, UK, then canada, bits from all over europe, japan, china, the arab emirates, russia, kuwait, tunisia, kenya, iraq, isreal, cyprus, fiji, bangladesh, brasil and many more.

      Vast majority are americans, I might get one or two from japan, fiji, iraq, kenya and the like. I think all time is 15,000 views or so.
      I tried to get the attention of my japanese reader but they never responded. People from the Netherlands seem to like my blog too. I think this quater i’ve had 948 views from the US alone. 250 odd from the UK, 76 in Canada and then from australia they’re no higher than 50. I’ve got a pretty internation audience. If they’re people and not bots.

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