JSA grinds my gears yet again.


I recently received a document stating that their were new sanctions for not holding up your end of the bargain. I was once sanctioned for something like 3 months for not applying to a job I would never have received because I was completely unqualified for it. So I was immediately skeptical.

Though I did not read the full document I saw that they can now stop your money for 3 years in total if you fail to meet your agreement. I understand this in a way because this will stop people abusing the deal for the money. A’ la junkies and other cheats who are committing fraud and such. What I don’t get is that if someone makes an honest mistake like I had before will they really stop your cash for three years?

If you’re unemployed and absolutely cannot find work what do you do then? If you haven’t got something/someone/family to fall back on do you starve, be made homeless? What happens then. I think this idea looked good on paper but in practice it is cruel and unusual. What the hell JSA?



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