Another little experiment. Boredom at the Jrrrb centre.

If you don’t already know this I am currently unemployed and searching for suitable work. This sucks and I hate it but it’s life. This shitty place doesn’t help either. Anyways I get bored, dead bored. When I’m at the job centre I try to be engaging and proactive in find work which for me means having an in-depth conversation about my job searches and possible vacancies with my representative. She nods but never seems to listen so I decided to confirm my suspicions and play a little game, lets see how far I can take this.

This week on my job search I wrote in a one day block on the form that I had been ‘Traversing London town handing out CV’s with my cohorts and brosephs’ she didn’t even react to it which leads me to assume she doesn’t even read it and just signs the papers. I am going to keep writing crazier shit into my job search until I’m questioned about it. Then I’ll call her boss and tell him that she hasn’t been doing her job and show him the proof because shit if I’m not keeping up my end of the bargain they stop my money so why should she get hers if she isn’t doing her job?

Ideas for next week include: Clown college, applied for pornstar position 69, application for jedi academy was rejected due to unsuitable cv and the force not being with me, drug dealer, pimp and many more. I have yet to think of any clever ones but if you have any ideas feel free to share in comments and I will provide some form of photographic proof at a later date. Remember they can’t be to blatant, not swearing or sexual references unless they’re really good.



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