The Movies.

The lovely woman in my life told me she’s seeing a movie tonight with some of her family. It made me think about the movies. When I was younger I saw all of my favourite movies in a cinema for the first time. Nowadays with the Internet you don’t have to go to a cinema to view a movie. Some will argue that you can’t beat the atmosphere of a cinema/theater.

I disagree with this primarily because the large man sitting next to you who is accidentally invading your personal space, the idiot teenagers and sticky floors and seats do not contribute to the atmosphere. Arguably this isn’t the cinemas fault but it still doesn’t make it a pleasant place to be. Why would you pay for overpriced seats, overpriced food and overpriced drinks when you can watch a movie at home?

Think about it when you’re at home you can watch a movie any way you please. With whatever food, drinks (Alcoholic or otherwise) and anything else you might want. I respect the idea of paying for watching a movie and all but I don’t really think these actors/directors really need all of that money they receive. I agree that as long as you’re not downloading every single new release before they are officially released it should not be a problem.

I don’t know anyone who will go to movies really, with the exception of those who will only go to certain films. I remember that going to the cinema with my mother and father was pretty awesome when I was ten years old. My mother would watch the movie with my sister and my father would fall asleep soon after the lights went dim…..Ah those warm family moments.

Nowadays I’d wonder why anyone would tolerate a cinema. In fact my significant other has been complaining about cinemas since we met. She never wanted to go. Maybe it’s the company. Who knows.


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