The Milkman: The Finale

Well that milkman knocked at like 10am today. It turns out he and his representative are out of touch so he was told to deliver milk. He is charging something like £10 pounds, which isn’t too bad considering the 12 pints of milk I got. Shame I didn’t fucking use it all. I’m not paying for it so why the hell should I care. I arranged for him to deliver 4 pints of milk a week because it seemed necessary. We always run out of milk mid-week anyways. So I didn’t have to have an argument and it benefited me so I can’t really complain about the outcome. Before he described the details I was out for blood. It turned out better than I had first expected. I suppose I’ll stop that other wanker if I see him. Can’t be mad at the milkman because his associate is a fucking moron.



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