Energy Drinks.


If you’ve been paying any attention to my blog at all over an extended period of time you’ll notice that I’m a total fucker for caffeine. You may also think I’m an arrogant prick, in that case go fuck yourself. Anyway back to the topic at hand, energy drinks. I’ve drank a lot of energy drinks from different brands and places, some were awesome and I still drink them today, others tasted like death so I only had them once or twice. I’m going to talk about energy drinks and which ones are actually worth buying. Also the fact that I’m slightly disappointed in mountain dew.

You may notice that this picture is from the USA, this is for a reason which is to show mountain dew consumers in the UK that there are a myriad of other flavours than we get. I love this drink even if it is horrendously bad for you. It’s an awesome drink and one of my favourites. In moderation it should be fine. I wish we had a greater  variety in the united kingdom. We got the gamerfuel mountain dew which, in my option, wasn’t all that great anyways.

Being the sour bastard that I am I did enjoy this drink, for those of you that don’t know it the flavor is mixed fruit but primarily it resembles sour apple drinks. It was the first energy drink I ever drank. The taste alone could wake you up. If you don’t mind sour stuff then you might well enjoy this average priced energy drink.

For what it is this drink is a little overpriced. I generally don’t mind it but others seem to hate it or drink it out of necessity more than enjoyment. I don’t really have much to say about it except that people have been known to mix it with vodka and I don’t really drink it. It does the job but is more expensive than your average energy drink.

This is currently my favourite drink. Blueberry, pomegranate (Which I hate) and acia berry. This has a great taste compared to other rockstar drinks which is generally stay away from as a rule of thumb. It also has a decent amount of caffeine, taurine, gurana and such. I’d recommend it to anyone.  Not much more to say about it really. The Original Rockstar is the only other flavor I like.

The above monster energy drink is my personal favourite. Monster is a brand of strange and diverse flavors, more so in the US than the UK. They have a lot that I like and a lot that I don’t like. Monster all in all are a very good brand of energy drinks but there are certain flavors to be avoided.

There are too many to list and as you go on the prices get a little crazy for some canned caffeine. The ones mentioned here are worth buying and trying. There are lots of off brand/cheap ones that are hit and miss but hardly worth the mention.


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