Commenters that are so generic they have to be bots.

ImageI don’t have many problems with WordPress.  Using this service has been great. Before this I had never blogged before, so this place has taught me a lot about it and is for the most part easy to use other than a few hiccups. Then there’s these spam bot, or bot commenters whose comments are so generic it actually infuriates me. I made sure all crap was blocked but they still get through. I’m starting to think it is WordPress however there is a very slim possibility that it is an international with a basic grasp of English.

Either way this is not an isolated incident and it has been pissing me off for some time now. When I positively identify these comments is where the above picture comes into play. That is how I look when I mash the button the marks them as spam and delete their comments. I wonder if so few people read WordPress that they threw in a few bots to keep things looking lively. I don’t know but it is fucking annoying and has to stop.



I finished up this post and decided to check my spam box, there was four pages of shit. Mostly advertising, I know they have to make their money but seriously. The spam on this website is a headache. It’s worth paying for a god damn dot com website for this blog. At least that I’ll know I’m  getting more hits from human beings than spam. The spam was just too vast to mess around with.


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