Locking myself away with a guitar. A musical quest.

I’m getting to a point now with my guitar where I’m focusing less on learning chords and more on playing and soloing, I’ve come out with some really good stuff, some okay stuff and some of it is a fucking mess. However that particular session went I can say I enjoyed myself. Guitar has become my go to in times of boredom. I’m bored a lot therefore I play a lot and end up learning more chords, techniques and such. There isn’t much to do around here and with my free time that I am unwilling to spend on playing the Xbox 360 I play the guitar.

If I step up my learning then It won’t be long before I’m an experienced guitar player. I mean I’m still pretty green but I’ve got some know how and a lot of play time now. Appearantly some of the little jams I did are good enough for people to want to sample them. I’m going to a studio for this, not sure if he wants it Electric or Acoustic yet. Either way it’s a small win. You’ve heard stories of the guy who locks himself in his room, plays guitar, drinks and such. Well that has been me lately. I’ve enjoyed it but fuck do my hands hurt.

Even after the bullshit on Sunday the only thing I could think of was fuck. I could have been playing guitar. Is that sad?
Maybe it is but at least I can enjoy it.


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