I changed this place around a little.

Because why the fuck not?
I don’t actually know how many people read this, to be honest I’ve never really cared but this blog doesn’t receive much traffic nowadays. My overall view count is pretty good but the community here have always been largely unresponsive. Maybe this will be enough to get some kind of response from you guys. Maybe not. It’d was nice to occasionally interact with commenters on here. Don’t know if those days are over now. I don’t even know why people read this blog sometimes but they must be getting something out of it.



11 Responses to “I changed this place around a little.”

  1. I read it because I find that I agree with most of what you say. Very enjoyable. Thanks!

    • Are you a person or a bot?
      I guess with time I’ll find out.

      • 😦
        I am a person. I just happen to be inebriated (yes I was drunk then too) and posting comments from a tablet. I will try to be better at making my thoughts less cryptic next time.

        To clarify, I lurk on your blog a lot and find you are able to put much of what I think into words that are easily understandable. I also find reading the blog in question to be a very enjoyable thing to do and I look forward to more posts in the near future.

        I apologize if I confused you in any way in either of my posts.

      • Ah alcohol. Good times now that you’ve mentioned it I could do with a beer or several. My next post my look similar to your previous comment. Well anyways, it’s good to know you’re not a robot and I’m glad you enjoyed yourself.

      • I was drinking yesterday too and I only saw half of your comment. You’re a lurker? I like lurkers, they only seem to engage in conversations that are meaningful or somehow affect them personally. You avoid the bullshit and when you do talk it is to the point. That’s a luxury nowadays.
        So how did you find my blog?

      • I believe it was the post about the reddit circle jerking that brought me here. I was having a discussion with my friend on how much I hated it and searched for an article that I agreed with to better put thoughts t words and yours more than fit the bill.

        He said that he stopped reading at the first sentence because it basically said that you hated reddit but were still using it. I had to prod him to even scan the thing and he picks up on “They take great risks: risking their personal lives” and he suddenly wants references from you. I explain that sometimes they do, but then went back to the damn “who cares” circle argument.

        I gave up at that point. I obviously care if I wanted to discuss it, but he is blindly in love with reddit. To each his own I guess.

        From there I read the rest of your blog from start to end and subscribed. I think it has been a month or two since then, and I look forward to reading a new post from you whenever I check my feeds.

      • It’s good to know how you wound up here, I don’t usually get answers to my question. Thanks I’m glad someone out there agrees with me about Reddit. I do hate Reddit in some ways, your friend is right but I didn’t always. When I first started using Reddit it seemed pretty awesome. It went full cycle and I began seeing repost upon repost, karma whoring, cliquey bullshit and the I started to get bored. After a while I found it pointless and stopped using reddit altogether. I cancelled a little reddit-based experiment I had running. If you’re friend wouldn’t read this because I’m not a member of his internet cult anymore then more fool him. Most members of reddit are so blindly in love with it that they’d scold me for not capitalizing the word reddit. To each his own indeed. If your friend requires reddit for his entertainment then that’s pretty sad. Well anyway, good luck with that friend of yours. Sounds like a headache to me. There are certain friends with whom you can discuss things with and certain friends you cannot. Still thanks for the explanations.

      • Anytime. Thanks for reading it, and responding. Have you tried any other social experiments? People seem to react to predictably most of the time. And I have been taking a break from him, he can be a handful at times.

      • Yeah mostly live experiments in the field, social engineering. Strangely the best article I’ve read about it, explaining it in simple terms easy enough for anyone to comprehend.

        This one totally failed. I could not motivate the reddit into any specfic action, nor steer it in any direction. A community was establish and common bonds were found but they wouldn’t mobilize for a specific task to benefit the community. After I stopped stimulating activity it went dead in the water. So I made it public as a last attempt to see it flourish. This is highly unlikely. Maybe I should summarize this failure in a post?

        And people, my friend, are a handful in general.

      • Might be for the best. You can only try to cast the fishing line out so many times until you realize its pizza for dinner again.

      • I just posted about the who experiment, take a look when you have time.

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