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My peers make my skull hurt and I live in a grave-pit of industry.

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This is what I need. I hope he has an ipod too.

This would be perfect right about now.

Today I awoke on a Sunday. Which usually means a crappy day of nothing. I usually detest Sundays for many reasons. No matter where I am Sunday still seems to suck. It seems like whatever way I go about it Sundays are always crap. This Sunday was different, I went downstairs for coffee and a cigarette and then set out for a short walk to the shops. It seemed like an okay Sunday. It could have even been a good one but then a friend showed up. I took it upon myself to get clean and change and go out. I told them him to give me 20mins. I only took 10mins and went outside to meet them. They went to another friend’s place who lives about 2 doors away. This is where it gets bad and our story begins.

I enter my friend’s house and there is now three of us. We were talking about some music and comedy just light conversation and banter they started talking about music. Of course not my kind of music but still some of it was interesting. Then out of nowhere they start talking about fucking X-Factor and this went on for about 15mins, as if it couldn’t get any worse they went on youtube and started to watch the X-Factor auditions for over an hour. With this and my other friend jerking it over his new TV I really couldn’t handle it so I left.

I don’t know what drives three men and one girlfriend to watch X-Factor. I would totally expect that of the girlfriend but of the two other guys in the room. Mind= Blown. I just couldn’t sit and watch one more X-Factor. A while later the first friend and his girlfriend came back to my place and again I went out. Mainly because I didn’t want them in my place on this day. We talk outside my house for just over ten minutes then they leave to see another friend. This guy just happens to be friends of my old friend who I no longer talk too.

All the while my woman is on a family road trip so the contact is minimal. An emergency caused some unforeseen circumstances for me. As I’ve mentioned before the guy I don’t talk was a good friend but he has many problems. One of those is not being able to deal with conflict and getting issues solved. He’s pretty avoidant of his problems in general. So If I went around there I doubt he’d stay or in the unlikely event that he did he would sit in silence or just huff and puff until he left. It wasn’t worth me going really so I didn’t which means I ended up stuck inside.

I had hoped that just relaxing at home would be good and for a time it was, then came dinner time and I haven’t restocked on food so it was some chicken in bread. Not even a sandwich. That was my oversight, it just made today that little bit shittier. I go up to my room because by now I’m just about done. After a few hours I emerged from the pit that is my bedroom. A mess of wires, guitars, game systems, extension chords and all manner of crap. It isn’t much but it’s my personal space I suppose. I used to have a spot where I’d go sit and think.

A little hill in a large industrial area on the outskirts of London. A  wonderful place, elevated, windy and overlooking the skeleton of by gone industry in the area. It was always a nice place to be, to clear my head, because some times it’s nice to be alone. Escaping from life and taking a step back like that is always nice. That hill is now on the back of a school, with screaming 16 year olds now. I sometimes miss the old days.

Later on I get onto my computer and through Facebook of all things I have to contact my friend and his girlfriend who left for the other friend’s place. I don’t understand how I need to use Facebook to contact a friend nowadays. The worst part is that this sort of crap is so ingrained now that I didn’t even think to call him instead. Damn I really hate Facebook. I asked how he was doing and if I came up because of obviously that information would be in my interest to know but he says he doesn’t get involved.

These three guys bullshit and gossip like either women or gay men. Telling me nothing was said in front of him and he doesn’t get involved is only a half truth. I know things have been said but no details. I can ask the other friend directly and probably receive a lie or an omission. I appreciate his need to stay neutral in affairs but you’d think a good friend would tell me with the assurance that I will not act on any information I recieve. Still I got nothing.

To round of my shitty Sunday I ate an onion and pepper omelet with toast and tea. It isn’t much but it was just about the highpoint of my day. My peers hurt my skull. Maybe it’s because I’m different. Not in a look at me I’m such a unique snowflake way. Mainly that I really don’t fit in with many of my peers. I mean I can talk, drink, laugh and have a normal conversation with them. I’ll say it but I’ll never really feel it. When some of my friends talk I feel as if I’m just adding to a conversation but am in no way invested in it. It sucks really because I’ve lost a friend whom I could talk to properly, I don’t want to have conversations about football transfers or the fucking X-Factor.

Another thing was that when I logged onto Facebook, my old pool of friends, ex-friends and other people I know or once knew were talking about a shameful TV show called ‘The Only Way Is Essex.’
One has posted that TOWIE is bullshit. I respond with ‘You don’t say.’
He then responds with a negative comment about my time in America and that despite it’s flaws I love the USA. I replied to him saying that he bitches about America but he consumes a large amount of USA based or inspired media. I bet him that his favourite shows are mostly American. I got a like and no response. I had agreed with him in the first place and he still took a little friendly shot at me. Why? What was the point…because of the crowd? I don’t understand.

Maybe things have always been this way and lately I’ve been running on such a high that I didn’t notice. Looks like we’ve hit a low now and I’m just starting to remember how much my peers piss me off and what a hopeless place I live in. It’s not far from the river and it littered with the skeletons of big and local industries. I live in a hopeless shit-hole. Things used to be better, they constantly try to spruce up and revive the area to no avail, wasting money on crap like flowers to line roads and a fucking set of metal poles with blue lights on them, meant to create the effect of driving in the fucking sky. No wonder this place is a graveyard. Because we’re so close to London despite our shitty standards of living things are still too expensive. I saw a damn can of Rockstar Energy for £2.50 or around about $5. That’s crazy.

Things are shitty lately and I have to find a way out of this pit. I really need to get away from here.


It’s all gone pete tong.

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Honestly I don’t remember the last time I posted anything up on here. You know one of those times where your whole big plan gets completely fucked up by something totally out of your control?
That is what has recently happened to me, it’s lucky I have a plan B but this was still a big blow for me and something I really looked forward too. I had been pretty happy for a while too. Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t usually a blog for me to vent my woes and complain about my life. But as you might have gathered by now this pretty much fucked my week up.

It’s funny that just when you think you got a break life throws some bullshit complication at you. It seems like everything went wrong for me and everyone else is busy. So I sit here completely fucked and alone and decide to write in this blog. It’s funny that when things are bleak, like now, that’s when I am stopped in my tracks and I remember damn I have a blog. It’s actually pretty good to post here. I’m sure some of the bullshit going on lately might just be noteworthy.

First you got the bullshit in the arab world right now. I’m not justifying it but surely it should be common sense right now not to insult Islam. If you do then you’re basically asking for it. Then the US elections. I know Obama hasn’t come through on some of his promises but how can you expect one man to clean up the mistakes of the previous administration in one term?
I believe Romney would have America at war all over again.
In local news things are still crap, the games have ended but prices are still higher than ever. London is as dreary as ever. One day men will write songs about how shit it is here. The weather is stereotypically English. Yes the weather is exactly what you were thinking when you saw the phrase ”English weather.”

I’ll post something soon. That’s my shitty update right there.

Am I the only Englishman that doesn’t follow football as if it were the word of the lord god himself?

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Seriously, football in this country isn’t a sport it is a way of life. I know people who eat, sleep, breathe and shit football and to be honest I don’t get it. I prefer UFC, fighting sports, the occasional bit of Nascar and that’s about as far as it goes. For me sport isn’t worth following, I don’t derive any pleasure from it unless it is UFC really. Maybe that’s the Roman in me enjoying a little blood sport. After all what’s more entertaining than watching two people beat each other senseless. That said I have a huge degree of respect for those guys and the risks they take in those tournaments. One thing that is better than watching a messy fight is watching a skilled combatant. Final note on fighting sports, how can one accurately distribute points to fighters during a match. The scoring systems seem highly flawed.

It seems that, for a lot of people, football is an excuse to get wasted. I understand that people like to get drunk but using football as an excuse sounds like fledgling alcoholism to me. I really want to hear from some football fans here. What is so enchanting about watching eleven men run around a field with a ball for 45 mins. Rugby is slightly more enjoyable to me, maybe that’s because there is some contact involved and the players are not preening pansies. Don’t get me wrong I support a football team because I have since I was three years of age but even my team only got where they are not due to having the money to buy all the talent. It’s sad what football has become. It is all about money now. Another thing that is retarded is football related violence, it isn’t common nowadays but it still happens.

I don’t understand how people put time aside to watch it, even worse are the people who will actually cancel existing plans because a game is on. Or the ones who basically ignore their spouses and children until the game is over. Never in my life would I put a sport before my family. If I need man time I will retreat to my study and down a bottle of Jack and I will not be heard from until one hour before sun’s rise. Another thing that sucks about football, for me at least, is when someone I’m chilling with gets into a conversation about football with another random fan. They will sit and talk bullshit about the most minute detail of the match or a transfer/injury/whatever. Football actually annoys me nowadays. I dislike most football fans as a general rule. Sure I’m not going to restrict your freedoms but don’t talk about football all day every day, especially not to me.

When a friend encounters a fellow fan and they ask why I’m not weighing in on the state of the game, I usually reply with something similar to ”Football doesn’t interest me.” After which I am met with utter disbelief as if I’ve just ripped up the bible in front of them. It used to be interesting to see, now it’s getting old. Most of the time I will just light a cigarette. I’ll probably get cancer from how often this happens to me.

I don’t hate football so to speak but I definitely have a finely tuned distaste for it,

Where have I been?

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Well things have been a little busy lately. I’ve been poor, crazy and bored. It’s been a party really. Anyways I almost won £100,000 the other day but I guess I’m not that lucky. I’ve always said that gambling is for fools but I suppose you have to be in it to win it. Another thing is that someone heard my guitar playing and wants me in to record a track with them. My technical knowledge of guitar is minimal but for someone to want me in a studio I must be good. Other than that I’ve been staying with a good friend of mine. Having ‘man days’ as they are called. It hasn’t been half bad but I realize I’ve been slacking with this blog so I’ll be posting some new content soon.