Facebook, again…

We all know Facebook, many of us here are probably signed up to it. Facebook provides a platform by which people can connect with friends, relatives and even total strangers. It has made the world a much smaller place in the time it has been around. Facebook also functions as a business that offers a service, it is free so it doesn’t make profit using traditional methods. It does make its profit through advertising revenue and the like. Everyone is on this network so advertising space there must be worth a mint. I haven’t been a member very long, because I couldn’t be bothered, partly because I didn’t like many people I knew and that I wasn’t comfortable displaying my life for anyone to see. I also didn’t want anyone to be able to contact me. Facebook seemed like a lot of hassle. In the short time I have been on there I’m finding that I like it less and less.

I think that facebook has devalued friendship, reduced it to likes and the occassional wall post. I have massive contempt for people who post any ‘like this if’ status. Whether it is for a good cause or not it is never going to achieve anything. People who post these should be actively mocked and scorned. When you boil it down it is just attention whoring. I find Facebook to be a hub of attention whoring and throw-away comments with varying degrees of idiocy. I have a special disdain for people who collect friends, people they do not know or have never spoken to in RL. That is another thing, people who have lots of friends act as if it is a status symbol. Your number of friends on Facebook is not an actual measure of your number of friends. Many small things annoy me about Facebook, from the way it runs all the way down to the lowly individual user in a sea of millions. I don’t like how they use people’s information and pictures for targeted advertising and such and how Facebook will make a poor game based off a franchise and rake in the cash. I understand that they have to run a business even if their means are questionable.

The kicker and what really makes Facebook a headache is the people. I don’t understand how people can lay their lives out this way, I’ve seen pictures of drugs, evidence of affairs, religious/political arguments on Facebook all being pushed by individuals unto others. I’ve even seen companies advertising and trying to clean up their image after announcing their stance on a religious issue. I think Facebook has become much more than it was intended to be and it has had un-intended effects on friendship and the way we socialize. Not all of them good, with some showing what an idiot the average person really is and the darker side of society. Facebook has also served as a tool, cataloging every persons information for use in marketing products and some have suggested surveillance. Facebook has even been used as evidence in a court of law.

This is Facebook.


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