About that update.

My good friend and I recently stopped talking, over some tobacco. What kind of friendship breaks over some tobacco?
Anyway tobacco was taken after he slept on my couch because he got drunk, had a bad night and decided to pop some antidepressants like a retard. I tried talking to him about it but he’s a passive agressive man-child who doesn’t have the balls to have a proper conversation about our situation. Anyways that’s done now, we won’t be talking again and I’m probably better off for it. It provided some decent laughs though, stay tuned for arguing with idiots on Facebook, part two. It has gotten to the point now where I don’t even want to talk about it. I’m just glad it is over. Why do I bother with people?

He came to my place to pick up his bass guitar and amp, waited for me to get it down the stairs, sat had a cigarette, then started arguing with me. As if I wouldn’t have given his things back to him. I mean, I’ve known the guy for 15 years. I’m an asshole but I’m not a douchebag. His slyness really got to me more than anything. I’m not even mad anymore. Screw that guy.


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