Olympic Madness.

I recently saw a newspaper article about an olympic spectator with Parkinson disease who was arrested by officers of the Surrey police force for not smiling in a disproportionate response to a perceived threat. Are we really that paranoid right now?

I supposed our paranoia is warranted judging by another news report I read about a man sneaking de-activated weaponry through olympic security to prove its flaws.  This man, arrested by police is an ex-soldier and martial arts instructor aged 54 who hardly fits the bill for a terrorist. Especially the current breed. Why didn’t the police just pull him aside and ask him if he was alright, I’m sure that would be sufficient to tell if he harbored any ill will.

Then I read that the man had a number of knives on him which turned out to be rubber and for display, presumably for martial arts purposes. So first I ask myself why the harsh response from police but then I wonder why he would think it a good idea to take rubber knives into an olympic event. What damage could he do with a rubber knife?
Bear in mind the only description I got was a ‘Rubber knives for display purposes.’

I’m not sure what is more idiotic, the response of the police or the guy bringing rubber knives into a major event with him, I’m not going to forgive him because of Parkinson’s because bringing rubber knives into an olympic event is not a symptom. Then again how far has his Parkinson’s progressed, not far if he is going to major sporting events alone. I know Parkinson’s can cause someone to act differently than normal but it looks like in a major sporting event that unusual behaviour can cause you to be arrested.

I went into this thinking the police over-reacted but now I’m not 100% sure of the either side. Either way the whole situation is madness.


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