Workplace Politics and why I can’t wait to start working!

I had a conversation with my mother the other day, this rarely happens due to a rift between us consisting of the fact that she can be a bitch and I’m a stubborn asshole. Make no mistake I love my mother but she can be difficult at times. When my phone is up and running she is going on speed-dial as 666. During our conversation we talked about her work, it’s stressful, mind-numbing, infuriating but at times rewarding. My mother works in social care for a large company in the UK.
It isn’t her ‘service users’ (pc term that I hate) that make the job hell it is her co-workers.

She has some very good co-workers whom she wouldn’t trade for their weight in gold, they make it a pleasure to work there but there are some very lazy ones. The old people sometimes make life harder where they will only let an African Carer bathe them if they have a long-standing relationship of trust and understand which is perfectly reasonable because they grew up in a time when there were very few African immigrants and a few Jamaican ones. Plus it’s totally cool for old people to be racist. Old people get away with so much crap it is unreal. If I live that long I’m going to enjoy old age to the max.

Moving on there is this one woman who is trying for the equivalent of floor manager, she hasn’t been there long at all and she is basically trying to pull power from under the current manager’s feet. The home had a few incidents related to improper care or rough handling by various african carers. It isn’t because they’re black it may have a little to do with cultural differences but it is definitely down to the individual to treat these people with care and respect even if they are ex-criminals, possibly pedophiles and generally pains in the collective ass of the team. The old people related to the complaints are generally nice people. I’ve met them. Going into that place is like having 50 grandmothers all wanting hugs and trying to give me out of date candy.

This woman, is generally an incompetent worker. Taking out personal grievances, during work hours, against the staff or anyone who rubs her the wrong way. The things I’ve been told and seen are her trying to hand out shifts and preferred work to members of her church. Is she African, you guessed it! Here’s where things get complicated. My mother and her work associate are the only two white carers in the building. The other white carer basically challenged this woman for doing something wrong and because of this she’s gone and made a complaint about racism. Is it because she is black?
Apparently so.

My mother’s name was also mentioned. Knowing that woman personally and knowing her background (Having a Jamaican step father and little sister) I can tell you that my mother is far from racist however in the United-Kingdom we have this thing called political correctness read stepping on eggshells. So if my mother uses the wrong language in her interview she will be branded as racist and lose her job despite having zero racist tendencies. It sucks hard.
I told my mother to make a pre-emptive professional complaint about her unsuitability for that kind of work and her attitude towards staff making everyone’s life harder. My mother will not complain for fear of being branded racist although she is backed by her boss.

The various other carers of African descent will not address their grievances with this woman for many reasons, I suspect that some are here illegally which is none of my business but others don’t want to make life any harder than it is. It’s funny how nobody will come to the office to address a problem since she has been there. She doesn’t listen and overrides every rebuttal with her perceived ‘authorita.’
The break down in communication is really screwing the home up and my mother doesn’t deserve having to deal with this idiot on a daily basis.

I’m hoping the current manager keeps her job and this woman doesn’t get in or I give it a year and the home will close. My mother has wanted to leave for a while but cannot find it in her heart to abandon her old people. Which is admirable considering the crap she puts up with on a daily basis. We’ll have to see how this one plays out. Even the old people won’t complain about this lady (something old people do well) so that says something. Everyone feels that they cannot speak to her because they’ll be ignored and overrided by this idiot.

I can’t wait to work. If I encounter somebody like this I will slaughter them both professionally in team meetings and personally whenever I get the chance. You cannot work effectively with people like her in the workforce. It just isn’t possible. Screw it they can call me racist, fire me or whatever but I will drag this person down with me. Come to think of it maybe my mother should join a union. I hope, however, despite all of that crap that I get good co-workers who are both funny, interesting and annoying at time. Who will call me out if I mess up and guide me in the right direction. I hope my experiences of employment are rewarding both personally and professionally. Oh and regarding the care home, there’s a lot more crap from this woman I have omitted.

I would kill someone like this, call me racist. I dare you.


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