Try Hard 2: Try Harder.

Some of you may remember that emotional tampon I mentioned a while back. This summer, he’s trying so hard…IT HURTS. I recently dropped off the face of the world and my woman was pretty mad at me because I never told her where I was going which wasn’t intentional at all. Anyway he see this as a time to confess his undying love for her despite the fact that he knows she’s happy and committed to me. This used to annoy the crap out of me and I wanted to punch him in the head but now it is just beyond pathetic. She is his friend but nothing more and he cannot grasp that. It wouldn’t surprise me if I had to shoot this fucker is self-defense one day. He seems pretty obsessed, he was a good friend of hers until her began laying it on unrelenting and thick. He is just waiting and waiting for a mistake that I’m not going to make. I feel obligated to do something or he is going to die alone, possibly of a gunshot wound the head.

I recently told her she might want to ease up on talking to him for his own good and why the hell should she feel guilty because he is a pathetic, lonely individual. Why the hell should she be his crutch. I mean it’s fine if it’s 50/50 but it’s more like 90/10 and it is just getting sad. Seeing as he will not relent I’m considering posting some of his bullshit up here and if he decides to send her pictures of his peanut on a matchstick I’m thinking of creating a Facebook account and posting it on his wall constantly until he relents.

I know, I know I am a terrible, terrible person.

I’m sorry I can’t hear you over the INTERNET JUSTICE.


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