AM Hates: Perez Hilton.

How the hell do people like this even exist?
This man annoys my very soul, he hangs around celebrities even taking up skirts of Miley Cyrus and isn’t in prison!
His ‘website’ reports celebrity gossip and various bullshit that nobody really cares about other than curious 18 year olds or bored housewives who discovered the internet. How does he even have a site?
I guess he never runs out of content because celebrities are always doing stupid things. I just don’t understand how you can run a successful website on shock value, gossip and the oh I’m so very gay angle.

Yes we know, you’re very gay, shut up about it already. He basically a celebrity wannabe who surrounds himself with fame, money and maybe even a little talent, you report on it to feel important and I get that but some of the things he has done are inexcusable. Before we get to that I want to address one more thing: I don’t know who is the bigger idiot Perez for writing this crap or the denizens of the internet/the public for lapping it up. I really can’t decide. It hurts my brain to even try to comprehend that people would search for this low-end excuse for celebrity news every single day.

I still struggle to believe he thought it would be a great idea to publish an up skirt of a young woman like that, I mean If I were Billy Ray Cyrus I would have beat him black and blue for disrespecting my family and my little girl like that. Perez’s career seemed admirable enough at first. He worked for various gay rights organizations within the media, promoted gay events and even became the managing editor of a gay mens magazine. He was very active in the gay community which is always a good thing, I’m all for freedom of sexual orientation. This is in no way gay-bashing. I have one question for the gay community, Isn’t he just embarrassing for you guys?

Later he had his brush with the dark side and began blogging about celebrity gossip and whatever he could get his hands on, he became a total attention whore who snapped pics of himself with celebrities at any opportunity he could. Encyclopedia Dramatica, dictionary of the Internets, defines attention whores as such:

”Most commonly found on the Internets, an Attention Whore is almost invariably a sixteen year old girl who desperately craves attention in any form. The majority of Attention Whores are completely insane and most still attend high school. Massive attention whores have Histrionic Personality Disorder. Some of them are 300 pound women who think they’re cute by dumping crap on other people to massage their flat egos.”

Encyclopedia Dramatica is only half right here, Perez seems to have birthed a new species of attention whore. The Gigantowhorus.

Now to get to that inexcusable behaviour, Perez made a thing out of forcibly outing closeted gay stars saying something along the lines of ‘you act like what I’m doing is a bad thing.’
Encouraging people to come out is a good thing but forcing them is entirely different, maybe they weren’t ready to come out. You could argue that celebrities lose their rights to privacy when they become celebrity but they are still human beings and their sexuality is one part of their lives that you of all people should have nothing to do with. If they choose to come out then good on them but if not that is their choice alone.

Perez frequently questioned Niel Patrick Harris about his sexuality and he did eventually come out, the man is still one of my favourite actors of all time. His sexuality could never change that. This little trend of harassment continued for some time. Perez Hilton you disgust me, so much so that I’d actually give you time of day. You’d love that extra attention I bet somewhere deep inside you’d even feel a bit special and I wouldn’t want that now, would I?
I’ve also read that he has vendettas against celebrities, what the hell, that’d be like a poodle growling at a giant, I’d be surprised if they even noticed.

He befriended Paris Hilton at one point and it has been noted that his reporting is biased as he will not represent Paris in a negative light at all. Sad little attention whore, anything to stay in the limelight. I can’t believe he could be so two-faced as to be active in the LGBT community and yet ignore homophobic comments made by Paris Hilton, he is truly a harlot. Now I’m not a fan of Fergie, for the most part I dislike her music and her constant wiggering but I have to give her a hand for referring to Perez in her song pedestal. Very well handled.

Someone, somewhere had to punch this guy in the face. Eventually they did and pictures were posted of Perez Hilton looking pretty beat up, the world applauded. I’ve read in other places that he can be a bit of a bully. I invite him here to start an argument and get laid down because at the end of the day he’s just a silly little attention whore. Every time he opens his mouth something idiotic comes out. I really can’t stand him. Hopefully they’ll find a new whore next year.

Sorry if this post is incoherent, the guy just pisses me off. Rant over.


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