Nostalgia Trip



Mid-week I dropped off the face of the earth as I have done, every once in a while, for a long time. Me and a friend spend a few days together, I got caught up in the wave of a good time. That combined with all the things going on at my house ended up cementing the fact that I was going to stay out that night. Before we headed back to my friend’s place we walked around the local area and accidentally ended up touring our old haunts. Considering I haven’t hung outside like a street rat in years It ended up being a nostalgia tour.

We went to and old alleyway outside my friend’s old place where we played as kids, his garden backed on to this alley. We repaired bikes there, drank, smoked and laughed in this place. Now it was like any alley in London, a mess. The new housing developments made this alley a straight run, no opening into the car park where the houses now stand. The alley was over-grown and a total mess, it used to be well maintained up to about 2005. This and our car park missing was kind of depressing. We used to hang, meet and chill there and now it’s just an alley.

We also went down to the local park/field. So many memories there. Pellet gun wars, building camps in the large bushes. You wouldn’t believe these little spots we’d make. Furniture and all, covering from the rain and pretty much everything you’d need for a chill spot. We’d play sports there, go biking and even set up large parties there. Everyone has moved away now, nobody really keeps in touch and the place is mostly dead. The only evidence of our construction is a few large hollowed out area in the bush.

We went towards a semi-new development, three small blocks that we’d get into and sit during bad weather. Sure we were pains in ass for people but we were kids and we never damaged anyone’s property. Other people would graffiti the place and we came close to a run in with the law a few times because of those idiots. It’s fortified now and apparently refurbished but we can’t get in so we’ll never see it. The local tower block where many of our friends and associates lived is now mostly empty and preparing to be demolished in a few years to make space for more housing.

Even our local shop, which was a magnet for trouble but also a hub for socializing at one point, is now dead. Nobody talks there any more. I nostalgia’d hard. It was nice but depressing to see these places we grew up in and how they look now. We’d undergone remarkable change, as much as the place we live in. Kids these days have even less to do than we did.

I feel sorry for them, really


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