My old girlfriend.

I had a girlfriend at a very young age, we were very close as kids until she went away to a different school. We lost contact, grew up separately and very differently. She had a child and I decided my life was going to be a complete gamble and some point and we faded into time, I assumed our memories of each other did too. Looks like I was wrong.

She contacted me after trying to find me for years. She’d seen me on the street but never stopped me and I’ll be damned if I stop for a long conversation when I’m going somewhere. I assumed she knew it was me. She messaged me and began a conversation asking me how I was and the usual. We caught up sort of, I explained a few details of my life but she really has no idea. I don’t feel like sharing. We had something a long time ago but that was way back. We don’t really know each other anymore.

Now I don’t exactly want to tell her ‘yeah I used to know you but I don’t anymore’ but during a conversation with my woman she says I haven’t changed a bit. I’m left wondering if she really believes that or it’s just how little she knows. I don’t mind talking to her but it was a long time ago and we’re not besties like we used to be. I mean it’d be nice to see her but there will never be an ‘us’ again. I don’t think she’s looking for that but I’d rather be sure.

I’m not the sweet, caring kid she used to know.


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