Into town…

I had to walk into town today, only a mile and a half so no problems really. It was just drawn out, I went into town regarding my search for employment incase you were wondering. After a walk in the sun I arrived at my destination and while sitting down I notice a familiar face. While trying to work out if it was her I began thinking about when you call out to someone you don’t know like a retard. Anyway the hair had changed but the facial structure was unmistakable. I said hello.

We began to catch up, we haven’t seen each other since school so after my appointment we walked through town and talked. She’d changed a lot, moved up to Oxfordshire and this Barking girl is suddenly pronouncing all her words and talking like she’d grown up in Oxfordshire. Kinda try-to-hard sad but refreshing nonetheless. She’d also change her name from her original old-fashioned name shortening it to Mia and shortening her surname. I’m assuming she was trying to sound more English as her family is muslim of some persuasion.

It’s kinda sad how people change to fit in like that. Even though we hated each other for the most part I respected that she shared my feelings which sound something like ‘fuck these people.’
She also mentioned how she didn’t really like anyone in school and how it’s refreshing to go where people are straight forward and don’t bullshit you. I replied something like tell me about it, try going 3,900 miles away from home. We talked a lot about school, it’s funny that I remember her name and she didn’t remember me. Oh well, it doesn’t bother me I just find it funny how bad people’s memories are.

We parted near to her block after talking for a while, she said she’d like to hang out one time. Unassuming I put my hand out and she hugged me telling me it was good to see me. That reaction was unexpected, I was thinking that it was one of those ‘oh I’ll see you around’ and you never do. I still can’t believe she changed her name though. I did have a look for her once online but I couldn’t find anything. I guess that’s why.

My local town is falling apart at the seams, everything that once was is crumbling. It’s a depressing place to be but it seems every now and then I run into fragments of my past. It reminds me what was and who I once was. I face the changes in myself and my life and it sometimes makes me uncomfortable. My past wasn’t bad but I was very different back then. I never look back in my life because it always leaves a sour taste in my mouth. I’d say I might have done a few things differently but I’m a different person now and there’s no room for regrets. My life changed for the better really.

It’s safe to say that I hate going into town, mostly it’s the people but every know and then I run into someone and it drags up the past giving me a strange feeling for the next day or so. It was nice to see her but a lot of things have changed about her. It also makes me feel old I suppose. I suppose that all of this nostalgia isn’t good for me.


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