An Olympic Waste Of Money.

I don’t understand how my country is going to crap and yet we can afford to waste of money showing off to the rest of the world. Prices all along the route have gone way up, the government are over taxing everything causing the retailers to up their prices and for what, so we can show off to the world while we forget our problems. A packet of 20 cigarettes now costs me £8 at most and £6 at least, I know I should quit but yeah I’m not going to any time soon. The worst thing is that where the prices have gone up the wages have not. This area is one of 70% unemployment and high crime. They will make things harder than they already are, again, in order to show off to the rest of the world.

Want to see the real London? Go to Hackney, Barking, East Ham, The Heathway. That’s the real London, the London that these assholes in parliament will never see and never even consider. While they sit making decisions to ‘benefit’ the people they should consider the growing economic and social problems our country is experiencing. They never will because they have never seen it, I doubt they left their big central London houses or family owned estates to see what actually happens day-to-day in London. Yes I am angry. I’m angry at our government and the country in general.

It’s highly amusing that the government actually thinks that the olympics will stimulate our economy. Sure, it will for a short time but once the games are over and they let half of the work force go what will we have achieved. We’ve sunk so much money into the games, money we could have used. At best this was a waste of money and at worst we’re looking at a recession . Our government is full of idiots. Why would we waste so much money on this bullshit. I’m completely pissed off with the olympics now, it’s not like we’re going to win much. Hosting the Olympic games was the worst decision our current government has ever made. What idiots.

I would have been clearer here and added some figures but I’m so frustrated that it’s a  bit of a clusterfuck in my head right now, I’m just angry.



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