The HateHub, my attempt at a better reddit.

As I’ve been saying reddit getting worse and worse, quality wise, becoming largely anti-content. More people are catching on, finally. This is my attemp at improving on reddits many flaws.


Please keep in mind that you will make this reddit reach its full potential.



2 Responses to “The HateHub, my attempt at a better reddit.”

  1. I think this subreddit is doomed because of reddit’s lack of anonymity. Many of us have reddit accounts which are linked (possibly by a multi-step process…) with our real-life identities. And it’s kind of a hassle sockpuppet accounts. Then again, I guess if r/jailbait could do it, maybe you can…

    • I have to agree with you about the doomed part but I can’t see why people are so afraid to speak their minds, it’s quite irritating to me. I hear that most of the baiters got arrested in the end. I don’t see how reddit allowed that in the first place.

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