Misanthropy Today

Misanthropy Today or MT, was and still is my favorite blog. Sometimes I’m a little ashamed that I arrived to the party so late, it kept me laughing through some rough times and late nights. Like all regular readers I miss it greatly and I am sad to see it’s demise. Misanthropy Today was eventually brought down by shitty hosts and the authors various other commitments, as I have learned he is a very busy man. I can’t help but to express how pissed off I am that a shitty server host contributed to the downfall of this great blog. The posts may have been a little far between but it would still be updated if it weren’t for the host. Westhost is going on my shitlist for this crime.

The author and fellow misanthrope wrote a lot of high quality posts with a host of friends chipping in from time to time which made for an amusing, interesting and informative mixture of high quality content that never failed to get a laugh out of me. Mr. Fox  sometimes changes his mind on things and takes breaks between blogging due to his having a life outside of the Internet, so I’ve waited a while to post this. His blog was the first blog I ever read or found even remotely worth following because let’s face it the tubes are full of shit a large majority of the time. So it’s safe to say that I am very sad to see it go.

Due to the above fact that the Internet is full of shit I had a notion that all bloggers were fags or maybe emotional attention whores is a much better description. For the most part I was correct but I had been heavily biased due to livejournal and other crap. I remember first stumbling on Andy’s blog on a google search for misanthropy. It seem related so I read it laughed, learned and much more. I continued to read the hell out of it for a few years to come. It inspired me to create alphamisanthropos, it showed me that a blog can be good if you do it right. And Misanthropy Today was doing it right.

I would say that through reading his posts, adventures in china, contacting him and reading his other material I became attached to the guy much like a character in your favourite novel or tv series. His blog was staple entertainment for me. We talked a lot and he gave me advice and entertained me even more, he talked me through some shitty times too, he became somewhat like the brother I never had. As creepy as that sounds. To sum this all up Andy Fox is a pretty cool guy.

Alpha misanthropos is to me at least a continuation of MT and it’s spiritual successor. I’m hoping that in time I can improve this place, possibly get higher traffic and my own domain. None of this would have been possible without misanthropy today, so please if you are reading this blog and enjoy it head on over to pay your respects at:


Misanthropy Today was at one point the only blog I read, still read a very low number of blogs. MT still remains my favourite to this day. I would like to pay my final respects by saying rest in peace misanthropy today, you shall be sorely missed by all who knew you.



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