When did Family Guy start to suck so bad.

Some may argue that family guy always sucked but there was a point when it was actually funny, granted I may have been drunk or high or even both but I am certain that at one point Family Guy was pretty funny. With time it became repetitive and unfunny, like Dane Cook. The jokes wore thin and the one South Park episode pretty much hit the nail on the head and drove it into the coffin. Family guy now officially sucked, the jokes were lame, they were running out of material and the randomness no longer resembled anything close to funny. I began to wonder, did it always suck?

Like all TV it was just endless repeats, the constant show tunes and singing just served to infuriate me to the point that I wished it would be cancelled. Now they are airing new episodes and many people back home in England tell me they are epic lol. Am I right to be skeptical? I saw Iraq lobster and was put off by the recycled joke despite the fact that it got a laugh or two out of me. I will give it five episodes to impress me because let’s face it England is boring as hell sometimes and my friends are the equivalent of the new MTV.

At some point I began watching American Dad, firstly as a Family Guy substitute. Then it became staple, every night 11.30pm-ish. It quickly replaced Family Guy to the point where I was convinced it was 1000 times funnier. Truth is that through Family Guy’s lack of originality Amrrican Dad had far surpassed it. So American Dad became staple along with South Park, repeated and new David Attenborough documentaries, documentaries in general and various comedies. I would just like to thank American Dad for keeping it funny when Family Guy continued to suck.

On a slightly related note: what the hell happened to the History channel?

I remember when it was actually history on there and not this pseudo historical bullshit that shows today, honestly some of it can’t even be passed off as history because its just crap. I will admit I got a good laugh out of Ancient Aliens, I’m not saying it was entertaining but it was entertaining. There was some other conspiracy show that gave me this gem regarding area 51: You don’t know what you’re not supposed to know. My response was something like: You don’t say!

I wish that the history channel would stop catering to entertainment and carry on with the history. How is it my fault that morons have suddenly started tuning in?

I know they need high ratings but I’d rather them go off air then broadcast this low qualityt pseudo-history/science which has vague basis in fact if any at all.



8 Responses to “When did Family Guy start to suck so bad.”

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  4. Fred Flintstoned Says:

    I totally agree with your viewpoint. I was just watching a Family Guy episode – “Seahorse Seashell Party”, and it was the probably the most unfunny episode of any show I’ve ever seen. It made documentaries about the Jewish holocaust quite hilarious in comparison.

    The episode seemed more like a serious prime time family oriented soap opera than it did a comedy. Meg spends the entire episode confronting and criticizing the other family members while Brian hallucinates after eating mushrooms.

    I hope they permanently cancel Family Guy soon. I think all of their good writers went to America Dad. Family Guy hasn’t been funny since the first time they were cancelled. I talso think they’re hiring all of the incompetent writers from the Simpsons to write for Family Guy. Remember the last time the Simpsons was funny? Neither do I.

    • Nice comment, I had to read it a few times before I decided it wasn’t a bot. Bots don’t reference the holocaust in humor so…
      Anyway I see your point, lately it seemed to get a little funnier than it has been for the past few seasons. I have a little hope that it might pick up but I don’t want to put my faith in Family Guy becoming funny again. I don’t think I’ve seen the episode you’re speaking of but judging by your comment here I really don’t need to. I think that if they can’t pick it up maybe they should call it quits, it came pretty far from being a sketch on SNL (Was it SNL?) and like any joke it may have finally ran its course. American Dad has definitely overshadowed it to the point where I prefer American dad to Family Guy. I haven’t watched the Simpsons since the early 2000’s. Thanks for the comment.

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