As much as I hate reddit, it appears something good has come of it.

Today when browsing aforementioned hell hole I came upon a thread which read: How can you hate the very things that sustain your life?

One poster said this:

“Its hard to explain. Sometimes i just feel it it. I hate them all, myself not excluded. We all make mistakes. Too many mistakes, dumb mistakes, unnecessary shit. We kill and hurt each other, we’ve done that since the beginning of our time here, we steal, we lie and we destroy. I’m not saying that humans should be exterminated or something like that, i just think we need to change. We do so many things that we know are bad. But we do them anyway. When you buy yourself a new PC, or a new console you spend a shit ton of money that could save a childs life, no not just that, the life of many people AND their kids for example in middle-Africa. But we buy our consoles anyway, we buy our games and all our luxury anyway. Everyone knows the money could be spent better but we spend it on ourselves. Because no matter what we say, we don’t really care, we don’t give a fuck. Why should we? As long as we’re left unharmed… . And i know what you’re thinking, that there are so many charity organisations and shit, but what do they do? Most of them spend most of the the charity money on their employees and on themselves. They try to care, but even when they give the money to the poor people and give them food, there will always be people in pain, people that no one gives a fuck about. Sure, they want to help everyone, and it’s a good start, and i agree, there are people that are just altruisticly trying to help and do something, but if humanity does’nt change there will never be enough of those people. A little example: The KONY 2012 disaster. Everyone posted on facebook and liked the shit on youtube, because they tried to look like they care… but what have they really done for humanity? they feigned interest. And when the KONY thing was unmasked as a scam everyone pretended they knew. Everyone said that it was horrible to generate interest with the video, and that some people really needed the money spent on the Kony shit. Again, feigned interest. No one really cared for the child-soldiers when Kony’s army was the biggest, in 2004. But suddenly, everyone knew and tried to care, just because of a scam video that everyone had seen. But no one really gave a fuck, just like in 2004. It did’nt matter that it was too late to help most of the child soldiers, the San-Diego Jacker was the good guy anyways. He knew about it since 2002 or something, but he waited ’till he could get enough interest and money thrown his way. And while you care for yourself while pretending to care for the poor and weak, there are always people that need your attention and your power more than yourself. Everyone could try to do something, but only few really try. And to be honest, i want to try and help… but i don’t. Why? I think, who would help me, really care for me if i was in pain? No One. They’d just do it for their paycheck, or for public acknowledgement.”

This right here, unedited and unabridged is one of the best explanations I’ve ever read as to how we can hate the people who sustain us. He pretty much accurately describes some of the things I hate the most about people and society in general. Which includes the assholes who posts on Facebook that liking this picture of an orphaned African child will somehow help that child. I’m not saying I’m not guilty of some of these things, we all are and I will make no excuses for that.

I would like to say I was a suprised by reddit today but reddit doesn’t deserve any credit for the answer that came from this individual. His handle is SilkyTouch and if you happen to be a redditor give him some karma because this answer deserves more karma than I can personally give him.

I will get to those Facebook assholes soon.



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