A modern crusader.

Recently my woman graduated, one morning after a night of drunkenness I was woken by a request to go to her friends party, I like this friend, she is a decent girl so I decided to acquiesce her request. The friends family is Italian, they were friendly people who cooked good food and gave me a little shit for being British. All in good fun though.

I met a family member who served the US army, he was a part of black watch. His operations were lead by an SAS man. For those who have never heard of the SAS they fuck shit up, they train Delta and they’re pretty much the hornets of the British armed forces. This man told me that he began as a skin head, he seemed like a decent guy but was a racist by all accounts. He hated Muslims and the middle east, he was far from a devout Christian but he believed that the holy land should belong to the allied forces. I am aware that this doesn’t make up the majority of the forces.

He told me how when mobs rallied in the towns in Afghanistan and Iraq they would throw pigs blood at them to mark them for execution by snipers. These men were extremists but this is a highly offensive act. As if killing them wasn’t enough, they did this to deny them entrance to heaven. He wasn’t as disgusting and you might expect. He appeared to be a pretty stand up guy, a guitarist and pretty funny guy. He did mention Hitler and such saying that what he did was wrong because he could have done it more discreetly. I’m not  easily offended nor pro Jewish but this was a pretty wtf moment for me. Still I listened to him talk.

His helmet was marked with a verse, not a biblical one but it certainly had biblical undertones. The Hitler comment and disbelief at the actions of British forces kind of threw me. I understand that to easily kill a man you must hate him but this mans views were pretty extreme. He talked about Templar imagery, he also wore a patch which said pork eating infidel or something to that effect. He saw himself as a crusader. I find it pretty funny how the natural progression from skin head to the army is very real.

He was otherwise a very reasonable guy, a father, a soldier, a funny guy, a kind guy, a loved family member but he was a crusader through and through. He had one or two passed transgressions unrelated to race hate but still morally wrong. I just couldn’t believe what I had heard from this talented, intelligent, hardy bastard. It was pretty unreal for me. I don’t agree with much of what he said but it really showed me that racism and hatred have many forms.

This man saw it as his duty before god to fight this war, change these people by force if necessary and win back the holy land. It is true that some of our soldiers are modern crusaders with an agenda greater than liberating the oppressed. This man had a huge problem with Islam. I myself have a huge problem with all religion but really, are we taking  these huge leaps backwards in this day and age. Have we learned nothing from history?

This was pretty fucked up, I am not offended nor surprised just slightly saddened. My faith in humanity is as low as ever. This war is a crusade for some people.



2 Responses to “A modern crusader.”

  1. Stave Petty Says:

    We live in a world that feeds off of the failure of others, bully’s in schools only prepare you for the real world because that’s how you succeed, to be a asshole bully with no morals who will do anything and everything to get anything you want, no matter who or how many they hurt your told that it will be ok because in the end they’ll be lonely miserable people with no friends but the truth is that’s how you get power, and power = “friends”.
    Truth is, if you do the right thing and you’re a good person, you end up being at the bottom of the chain struggling to survive being a pawn in the grand scheme to control the masses built by the bully’s of the world watching other people fail on the TV and in the papers, funding the channels and media that feed off of it all funding the bully’s that oppress us so. Fuelling the grand human destruction machine that never ever stops killing millions all in the name of greed.
    Perhaps we should tell kids in school the truth, get used to it, because that’s how life works, if you want to be a good person, get ready to be treated like a piece of shit on the bottom of someone’s shoe and if you can’t handle it join them or shut the fuck up and become part of the brainless machine allowing the bully’s of our world to be all rich and all powerful letting them do whatever and kill whoever the fuck they want
    The worst thing is, were all too addicted and too obsessed to break free, With our TV’s, our films, our mainstream news, our facebook and twitter, taxes, work, branded goods, religions, mobile phones, computers, internet, all of which part of the grand machine to control us, and all of which fund the corporate bastards who are the bully’s of the real world.
    Artists are forced to speak out against this through the corporate bastards themselves, further funding the machine, and movements to do something about it, to do the right thing, are prosecuted.
    Even when such movements fight crime more effectively than the established authorities with government funding, their branded terrorists, due to the simple fact they threaten the machine that manufactures consent, that fuels the bullys never ending thirst for blood and greed.
    Welcome to the world, where being a evil bastard is rewarded and doing the right thing is punished

  2. Hey, it’s been too long.

    I would have come to see you sooner but my life, as you know, has been a huge clusterfuck. It’s funny, your point about friends. My father always said that it wasn’t WHAT you know but WHO you know, that point he made to me all those years ago gets greater with age. I’ve noticed this especially in my time in America. I may not agree with everything but they do a lot right. I think I’m going to save the rest of my reply for a post.

    Anyway nice hearing from you.

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