Oh Midwest, you so crazy.

So, I have no belief in god or desire to believe. My girlfriend, however, is a catholic. A terrible catholic nonetheless. I respect her belief in god and she respects my lack of belief. Our relationship works because religion is left out of it, I often wake up on Sunday when she and her family get back from church and I ask her “so…how was Jesus, anything new going on for him?”

She recently graduated, I agree to go to Christmas eve/ Easter  mass because her family is good to me and I respect them. I attended her graduation mass at her request and during the service the main guy (forgive me for my ignorance but I have no desire to learn their official titles or recognize them) starts banging on about college.

After talking for a while he begins speaking about how atheists were minor and largely ignored years ago but are now legion. He talked about prominent atheists trying to undermine their faith through their literary works and urged students from her catholic school to keep the faith and their principals by continuing to live through jeebus and attending masses.
Then he speaks of how the most dangerous atheists are the ones who encourage them to have a more casual relationship with Christ. He began banging on about how casualness with Christ is as bad as being a non believer. He spoke as if atheists were comic super villains akin to dr.evil or something. Even my girlfriend was forced to wtf in the face of this idiot. At that moment I felt pity for everyone in that room supping up his delicious words and preparing to deny themselves the finer things in life.

I never had a problem with the church up until that point. He basically painted atheists as the devil, as if they would try to tempt good Catholics into sin and out of Jesus’ light/ love. It was scaremongering, it was sad. Fortunately these teenagers will meet atheists and realize they don’t have a direct line with hell and Satan on speed dial. I almost made a fist, extending my pinky to the edge of my mouth exclaiming “moooohahahahaaa” when I thought about that.

The lyrics sang in church were something like “we praise you but you don’t need our praise but we praise you anyway to get into your good books.” It was pretty sad for me to watch. The whole spectacle was just sad, the hatred, the fear mongering and all.

There are a lot of batshit crazy people in church.



7 Responses to “Oh Midwest, you so crazy.”

  1. Unfortunately what you right is correct about some churches. For years this behaviour put me off exploring whether there was anything behind Christianity – “why would I want to be like one of them?” There were occasions when I walked out of church part way through (like the event above)

    When I was challenged to explore with an open mind I found that behind the baggage and ‘front’ that the church displayed there was evidence and truth for the man Jesus, what he said and did. I became convinced.

    I hope that others can find the truth that is so hidden by the behaviour of some Christians. I wrote a short book to address the issues, and have started a blog too. My message would be, you don’t have to be like the preacher to be a Christian – I doubt that Christ would want you to be!

  2. For the most part I find Catholics and religious people in general to be like darleks from doctor who, if you aren’t one of them “exterminate, exterminate.”

    I had to stay and listen to the shit, I thought about walking out but then I thought that I owed it to science to listen to this argument no matter how idiotic and irrational it is.

    I doubt I will ever find god, I do agree with you. The church is a business, it wants you to invest money in it and you are supposed to go to it in order to worship the god and Jesus. Jesus taught anywhere, he did not require you to attend mass at a grande building and give in to a pyramid scheme. In fact he would have said it was wrong. He taught anywhere and to all. The bible was and is taken out of context by assholes looking for profit and to forward their pitiful view of the world. Christians often take the sodom and gomorrah story way out of context to hate on homosexuals. It is sick.

    In my view Jesus may have been an individual who had some form of advanced knowledge of disease and medicine, who could cure the sick. The people interpreted this as divinity and he tried to use that misinterpretation for good. That is the view I held as an optimistic young child. I doubt a human is capable of that kind of higher good nowadays.

    I am inspired by the preachers who accept the outcasts. I will admit that. They are truly progressive but the love sinner and hate the sin attitude is as bad as outright, indiscriminate hatred, it just hides itself behind and shroud.

    You speak as if he existed, I’m not going to shit on your beliefs but ir require proof of that in order to hold any kind of view on it. Well I’m all for freedom of religion so keep on believing. One day maybe I’ll be wrong and you’ll be right. Only time can tell.

    • One thing that I’ve learnt is to try not to put down to malice what is due to incompetence … there is a lot of that in the church!

      But as I say, I was challenged to look deeper and was surprised at what I found. I don’t want it to sound like a plug but I’d be really interested to know if you found what I wrote in my book at all helpful; I’d be happy to email you a .pdf. (The Leap by Phil Hemsley). I wrote it based on my experience of going from where you are to where i am now, which didn’t happen without evidence by the way…

      Best wishes anyway,

      • I understand what you mean here but there’s definitely some genuine malice there. I don’t blame the entire church for that, just inflamed individuals. My woman’s family are very good people, catholic people, I respect them a lot. They never pushed their beliefs onto me and that’s always a nice feeling.
        I’d read it but you have to realize that I’m highly skeptical and your evidence may not amount to what I consider evidence. That said I’d like to see your PDF and I will supply you with and email address in due course.

      • Hey,
        I haven’t forgotten about you, just been very busy. I will get that email to you soon.

      • OK, in your own time 🙂

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