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Misanthropy Today

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Misanthropy Today or MT, was and still is my favorite blog. Sometimes I’m a little ashamed that I arrived to the party so late, it kept me laughing through some rough times and late nights. Like all regular readers I miss it greatly and I am sad to see it’s demise. Misanthropy Today was eventually brought down by shitty hosts and the authors various other commitments, as I have learned he is a very busy man. I can’t help but to express how pissed off I am that a shitty server host contributed to the downfall of this great blog. The posts may have been a little far between but it would still be updated if it weren’t for the host. Westhost is going on my shitlist for this crime.

The author and fellow misanthrope wrote a lot of high quality posts with a host of friends chipping in from time to time which made for an amusing, interesting and informative mixture of high quality content that never failed to get a laugh out of me. Mr. Fox  sometimes changes his mind on things and takes breaks between blogging due to his having a life outside of the Internet, so I’ve waited a while to post this. His blog was the first blog I ever read or found even remotely worth following because let’s face it the tubes are full of shit a large majority of the time. So it’s safe to say that I am very sad to see it go.

Due to the above fact that the Internet is full of shit I had a notion that all bloggers were fags or maybe emotional attention whores is a much better description. For the most part I was correct but I had been heavily biased due to livejournal and other crap. I remember first stumbling on Andy’s blog on a google search for misanthropy. It seem related so I read it laughed, learned and much more. I continued to read the hell out of it for a few years to come. It inspired me to create alphamisanthropos, it showed me that a blog can be good if you do it right. And Misanthropy Today was doing it right.

I would say that through reading his posts, adventures in china, contacting him and reading his other material I became attached to the guy much like a character in your favourite novel or tv series. His blog was staple entertainment for me. We talked a lot and he gave me advice and entertained me even more, he talked me through some shitty times too, he became somewhat like the brother I never had. As creepy as that sounds. To sum this all up Andy Fox is a pretty cool guy.

Alpha misanthropos is to me at least a continuation of MT and it’s spiritual successor. I’m hoping that in time I can improve this place, possibly get higher traffic and my own domain. None of this would have been possible without misanthropy today, so please if you are reading this blog and enjoy it head on over to pay your respects at:

Misanthropy Today was at one point the only blog I read, still read a very low number of blogs. MT still remains my favourite to this day. I would like to pay my final respects by saying rest in peace misanthropy today, you shall be sorely missed by all who knew you.



Reddit and that fucking Karma/voting system…the worst idea ever.

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The karma/voting system on reddit produces a burning hatred within me, it has made me consider leaving reddit a number of times. Reddit itself is a reflection of humanity, that which I most hate. This may lead you to ask the question “why are you there then?” I will answer that question with this statement: “the Internet is sub-par in quality for the most part, boredom lead me here and the karma system has made me begin to wonder why I stay. I stay because there is little that comes close to the information compiled there and little on the web that entertains me. I have too much time on my hands.” That said let me get to the point.

Reddits karma/voting system inspires the online equivalent of attention seeking, people do stupid, outlandish things to procure positive karma. These acts range from posting risqué pictures of themselves naked for strangers to jerk over, to pictures of their animals in poses and situations that have been implied to have occurred naturally when they are obviously engineered. Because we all carry around cameras 100% of the time!

The point here is that people will do anything for karma or upvotes, citation? The whole damn website. Karma/upvotes have this strange perceived value here, much like money in the real world. It is only valued by the individual’s perception of its worth. In the same way that dollar bills are just paper, karma is just a number on a screen. I do not personally understand how people place so much value upon it. They take great risks: risking their personal lives, well being and privacy to obtain it. Karma for me is the greatest evil of the reddit community. Now for the sheer stupidity of it all, karma won’t buy you a car, impress anyone outside of the reddit club, get you a girlfriend, buy you a house or do anything for you really.

Karma/upvotes for many are an ego stroke, increasing a person’s sense of self worth at least but at most it is extremely addictive. I believe that people get the same dopamine rush or “high” that a gambling addict gets or someone addicted to a video game such as World Of Warcraft. To this end users begin to engage in karma seeking behaviour. You may have seen many posts about people saying that reddit takes your soul or is inescapable, well this is quite true. Karma is in effect a drug for some people and I can imagine for others it can be quite a destructive force in their personal lives. I bet the contents of my wallet that without prior responsibilities a lot of redditors would slip into a habit of browsing reddit 24/7 with or without the intent to garner karma.

Now here’s the misanthropy. Are we that weak minded that we require recognition from strangers in the form of a number on a screen to feel any sense of self worth? Looks like we are. Are we so pathetic that we would actively seek this approval from others by posting outlandish and/or popular things in order to get more karma and upvotes? Yes again. Our ego, our narcicism, our materialism, our stupidity and all the worst parts of the human psyche follow us onto the Internet. It’s fucking sad, it really is, and it makes me hate humanity all the more. All our evil comes with us, even on the web and it follows us home.

I’ve seen people go into fits of rage over losing large sums of karma or being downvoted to shit and I think to myself how can one put that kind of value on this thing called karma which in name and nature strays so far from the original concept. Reddit has managed to bastardize this interesting concept and turn it into some sort of commodity. How can we call ourselves intelligent and participate in such ego stroking, narcissistic, attention seeking bullshit?

It is amazing to think that karma and the voting system was originally supposed to bring the best content to the top of reddit. In reddit like any democracy if your opinion, wants or needs don’t align with one of the majorities then you may as well have no vote or opinion at all. My opinion or interests do not matter unless they are shared by a majority, they are not so there is no point of me upvoting or downvoting anything at all. The entire system flawed and open to widespread abuse. It doesn’t do what it is intended to do so I will have little or no part in it. I rarely upvote anything. If I took part in the voting system I would end up downvoting mostly everything. Voting on reddit is pointless for me.

Humanity is still heading down that dark path, corrupting everything it can lay its filthy hands on. The reddit karma system is an extension of the worst facets of society and humanity in general. It is pure 100% concentrated stupidity and it’s Eco-friendly, easily recycled and reused like so many advice animal memes. The reddit karma system is the communities’ greatest evil, worse than the racists, trolls, bigots and everything else.


As much as I hate reddit, it appears something good has come of it.

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Today when browsing aforementioned hell hole I came upon a thread which read: How can you hate the very things that sustain your life?

One poster said this:

“Its hard to explain. Sometimes i just feel it it. I hate them all, myself not excluded. We all make mistakes. Too many mistakes, dumb mistakes, unnecessary shit. We kill and hurt each other, we’ve done that since the beginning of our time here, we steal, we lie and we destroy. I’m not saying that humans should be exterminated or something like that, i just think we need to change. We do so many things that we know are bad. But we do them anyway. When you buy yourself a new PC, or a new console you spend a shit ton of money that could save a childs life, no not just that, the life of many people AND their kids for example in middle-Africa. But we buy our consoles anyway, we buy our games and all our luxury anyway. Everyone knows the money could be spent better but we spend it on ourselves. Because no matter what we say, we don’t really care, we don’t give a fuck. Why should we? As long as we’re left unharmed… . And i know what you’re thinking, that there are so many charity organisations and shit, but what do they do? Most of them spend most of the the charity money on their employees and on themselves. They try to care, but even when they give the money to the poor people and give them food, there will always be people in pain, people that no one gives a fuck about. Sure, they want to help everyone, and it’s a good start, and i agree, there are people that are just altruisticly trying to help and do something, but if humanity does’nt change there will never be enough of those people. A little example: The KONY 2012 disaster. Everyone posted on facebook and liked the shit on youtube, because they tried to look like they care… but what have they really done for humanity? they feigned interest. And when the KONY thing was unmasked as a scam everyone pretended they knew. Everyone said that it was horrible to generate interest with the video, and that some people really needed the money spent on the Kony shit. Again, feigned interest. No one really cared for the child-soldiers when Kony’s army was the biggest, in 2004. But suddenly, everyone knew and tried to care, just because of a scam video that everyone had seen. But no one really gave a fuck, just like in 2004. It did’nt matter that it was too late to help most of the child soldiers, the San-Diego Jacker was the good guy anyways. He knew about it since 2002 or something, but he waited ’till he could get enough interest and money thrown his way. And while you care for yourself while pretending to care for the poor and weak, there are always people that need your attention and your power more than yourself. Everyone could try to do something, but only few really try. And to be honest, i want to try and help… but i don’t. Why? I think, who would help me, really care for me if i was in pain? No One. They’d just do it for their paycheck, or for public acknowledgement.”

This right here, unedited and unabridged is one of the best explanations I’ve ever read as to how we can hate the people who sustain us. He pretty much accurately describes some of the things I hate the most about people and society in general. Which includes the assholes who posts on Facebook that liking this picture of an orphaned African child will somehow help that child. I’m not saying I’m not guilty of some of these things, we all are and I will make no excuses for that.

I would like to say I was a suprised by reddit today but reddit doesn’t deserve any credit for the answer that came from this individual. His handle is SilkyTouch and if you happen to be a redditor give him some karma because this answer deserves more karma than I can personally give him.

I will get to those Facebook assholes soon.


When did Family Guy start to suck so bad.

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Some may argue that family guy always sucked but there was a point when it was actually funny, granted I may have been drunk or high or even both but I am certain that at one point Family Guy was pretty funny. With time it became repetitive and unfunny, like Dane Cook. The jokes wore thin and the one South Park episode pretty much hit the nail on the head and drove it into the coffin. Family guy now officially sucked, the jokes were lame, they were running out of material and the randomness no longer resembled anything close to funny. I began to wonder, did it always suck?

Like all TV it was just endless repeats, the constant show tunes and singing just served to infuriate me to the point that I wished it would be cancelled. Now they are airing new episodes and many people back home in England tell me they are epic lol. Am I right to be skeptical? I saw Iraq lobster and was put off by the recycled joke despite the fact that it got a laugh or two out of me. I will give it five episodes to impress me because let’s face it England is boring as hell sometimes and my friends are the equivalent of the new MTV.

At some point I began watching American Dad, firstly as a Family Guy substitute. Then it became staple, every night 11.30pm-ish. It quickly replaced Family Guy to the point where I was convinced it was 1000 times funnier. Truth is that through Family Guy’s lack of originality Amrrican Dad had far surpassed it. So American Dad became staple along with South Park, repeated and new David Attenborough documentaries, documentaries in general and various comedies. I would just like to thank American Dad for keeping it funny when Family Guy continued to suck.

On a slightly related note: what the hell happened to the History channel?

I remember when it was actually history on there and not this pseudo historical bullshit that shows today, honestly some of it can’t even be passed off as history because its just crap. I will admit I got a good laugh out of Ancient Aliens, I’m not saying it was entertaining but it was entertaining. There was some other conspiracy show that gave me this gem regarding area 51: You don’t know what you’re not supposed to know. My response was something like: You don’t say!

I wish that the history channel would stop catering to entertainment and carry on with the history. How is it my fault that morons have suddenly started tuning in?

I know they need high ratings but I’d rather them go off air then broadcast this low qualityt pseudo-history/science which has vague basis in fact if any at all.


And with the end I felt my childhood take it’s dying breath.

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As a child in 95′ I went to see the movie Toystory with my parents and fell in love with it as many children did at the time. Life was simple back then, no pressures, my father was still at home and my mother wasn’t struggling to make ends meet. I had a happy childhood, a luxury which few could afford. I had good, loving parents a nurturing environment where a 5 year old me watched David Attenborough documentaries by choice. Where the world’s natural wonders were always brilliant and amazing, never one without the other. At risk of sounding cliche: it was a simple time, a better time.

Then came 99′ and with it Toystory 2 which a 9 year old me enjoyed very much. The themes were slightly different, having matured slightly with the audience. Life was still good, I had no worries beyond whether to pack my P.E kit and the occasional spelling and math test. Life was uncomplicated and blissful, a learning experience. To quote something I once heard or read “Everything was beautiful and nothing hurt.”

Then came Toystory 3 in 2010, by then I was 20 years of age and it never appealed to me to go and see this movie. I was 20 my mind was on my education, drinking, my girl, getting laid, learning, my problems and various adult preoccupations. I grew up too fast in retrospect. I had to. My father left home, leaving us in debt and my mother struggling to hold it together. Everything worked out but we still feel the repercussions of his debt to this day. Things were very much different. The wonder had gone, nothing had beauty and everything hurt. I had became misanthropic, hateful and distrusting over the years.

2012 came, sitting with my woman in her living room surrounded by her family she decided to put Toystory 3 on, I was receptive because we both hadn’t seen it and well, what the hell? So she puts it on and I notice how the themes are more adult, how there is a sense of danger in the movie and that the bad guys were decidedly more evil than before. The reasons for their evil were greatly developed, more so than ever before.

The movie had grown with its audience. The claw saved the day, that still tickles me a little. In the end Andy donates his toys to a little girl whom will play with them, he goes off to college and the movie ends. I saluted Pixar and everyone involved in what had been a large part of my childhood, so much so that I remember the meals I ate as I watched it well over a hundred times between 95-99. Birdseye chicken dippers, potato waffles and hoops with tomato ketchup. I looked back with nostalgia, thinking about how the world and I, myself had changed. I saluted Pixar one more time and with that my childhood took its dying breath.

A modern crusader.

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Recently my woman graduated, one morning after a night of drunkenness I was woken by a request to go to her friends party, I like this friend, she is a decent girl so I decided to acquiesce her request. The friends family is Italian, they were friendly people who cooked good food and gave me a little shit for being British. All in good fun though.

I met a family member who served the US army, he was a part of black watch. His operations were lead by an SAS man. For those who have never heard of the SAS they fuck shit up, they train Delta and they’re pretty much the hornets of the British armed forces. This man told me that he began as a skin head, he seemed like a decent guy but was a racist by all accounts. He hated Muslims and the middle east, he was far from a devout Christian but he believed that the holy land should belong to the allied forces. I am aware that this doesn’t make up the majority of the forces.

He told me how when mobs rallied in the towns in Afghanistan and Iraq they would throw pigs blood at them to mark them for execution by snipers. These men were extremists but this is a highly offensive act. As if killing them wasn’t enough, they did this to deny them entrance to heaven. He wasn’t as disgusting and you might expect. He appeared to be a pretty stand up guy, a guitarist and pretty funny guy. He did mention Hitler and such saying that what he did was wrong because he could have done it more discreetly. I’m not  easily offended nor pro Jewish but this was a pretty wtf moment for me. Still I listened to him talk.

His helmet was marked with a verse, not a biblical one but it certainly had biblical undertones. The Hitler comment and disbelief at the actions of British forces kind of threw me. I understand that to easily kill a man you must hate him but this mans views were pretty extreme. He talked about Templar imagery, he also wore a patch which said pork eating infidel or something to that effect. He saw himself as a crusader. I find it pretty funny how the natural progression from skin head to the army is very real.

He was otherwise a very reasonable guy, a father, a soldier, a funny guy, a kind guy, a loved family member but he was a crusader through and through. He had one or two passed transgressions unrelated to race hate but still morally wrong. I just couldn’t believe what I had heard from this talented, intelligent, hardy bastard. It was pretty unreal for me. I don’t agree with much of what he said but it really showed me that racism and hatred have many forms.

This man saw it as his duty before god to fight this war, change these people by force if necessary and win back the holy land. It is true that some of our soldiers are modern crusaders with an agenda greater than liberating the oppressed. This man had a huge problem with Islam. I myself have a huge problem with all religion but really, are we taking  these huge leaps backwards in this day and age. Have we learned nothing from history?

This was pretty fucked up, I am not offended nor surprised just slightly saddened. My faith in humanity is as low as ever. This war is a crusade for some people.


Oh Midwest, you so crazy.

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So, I have no belief in god or desire to believe. My girlfriend, however, is a catholic. A terrible catholic nonetheless. I respect her belief in god and she respects my lack of belief. Our relationship works because religion is left out of it, I often wake up on Sunday when she and her family get back from church and I ask her “so…how was Jesus, anything new going on for him?”

She recently graduated, I agree to go to Christmas eve/ Easter  mass because her family is good to me and I respect them. I attended her graduation mass at her request and during the service the main guy (forgive me for my ignorance but I have no desire to learn their official titles or recognize them) starts banging on about college.

After talking for a while he begins speaking about how atheists were minor and largely ignored years ago but are now legion. He talked about prominent atheists trying to undermine their faith through their literary works and urged students from her catholic school to keep the faith and their principals by continuing to live through jeebus and attending masses.
Then he speaks of how the most dangerous atheists are the ones who encourage them to have a more casual relationship with Christ. He began banging on about how casualness with Christ is as bad as being a non believer. He spoke as if atheists were comic super villains akin to dr.evil or something. Even my girlfriend was forced to wtf in the face of this idiot. At that moment I felt pity for everyone in that room supping up his delicious words and preparing to deny themselves the finer things in life.

I never had a problem with the church up until that point. He basically painted atheists as the devil, as if they would try to tempt good Catholics into sin and out of Jesus’ light/ love. It was scaremongering, it was sad. Fortunately these teenagers will meet atheists and realize they don’t have a direct line with hell and Satan on speed dial. I almost made a fist, extending my pinky to the edge of my mouth exclaiming “moooohahahahaaa” when I thought about that.

The lyrics sang in church were something like “we praise you but you don’t need our praise but we praise you anyway to get into your good books.” It was pretty sad for me to watch. The whole spectacle was just sad, the hatred, the fear mongering and all.

There are a lot of batshit crazy people in church.