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No gods, No Masters.

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I haven’t really posted much lately, I’ve neglected this blog a bit. To be honest I’ve been putting plans into place to improve my own life and I just haven’t had the time or motivation to post. Then I came upon a little gem on Facebook. Somebody I know from the god old days of the internet was talking about how the media and his black friends had caused him to think little of using the N word. Some of the guys didn’t care and others were offended. The ones who got offended were debated by others who claimed that black people weren’t the only slaves and that slavery continues to this day under in various different forms. A little off topic but this got me thinking about humanity and our future as well as our past. We’re making slow leaps forward and it seems that in the distant future we’ll be traveling through space, exploring distant planets and making contact with other species. It really got my mind running.

Throughout our history as a species we’ve achieved much, in reality we’ve learned very little from our experiences. One thing we’re extremely proficient at is killing and destruction. The most beneficial advances we’ve made have come out of death and destruction. We’ve been killing since before we walked upright. We’ve always killed and been able to justify it to ourselves in one way or another, on both micro and macro scales. In fact destruction is ingrained into our psyche it is intrinsic one could even argue that killing and destroying is a large part of what it means to be a human being. We may not mean to do these things but we need to in order to survive. We put our survival before all else as would any other animal anywhere on the planet. As a species the only thing we’re really proficient at is killing and we’ve put our skills to good use across the ages in order to dominate the planet.

We try to sell ourselves as some kind of higher being when in fact we’re worse than animals. What kind of cruel god would unleash such hell on the universe? We crawled out from under a rock, discovered the use of fire and then invented the wheel after that we set about killing anything and everything, for food, out of hatred and even for sport. Think of everything we’ve done without justifying it to yourself then tell me there’s a god. If there is he’s one sick puppy. I quite like Agent Smith’s quote from the matrix and his comparison of humanity to a virus, a cancer. He isn’t exactly far off. We’ve killed of entire species, if you think about it we are the single most destructive force on the planet. Our very existence entails destruction as a means of survival. Destruction of the environment, other species and even ourselves. We’ve never quite moved away from this and I doubt we ever will.

We seem to justify our actions by saying we are superior to other species and dehumanizing members of our own species over tiny differences like the amount of melanin in our skin or whatever fictional deity we choose to believe in. For such highly evolved and intelligent animals we’re sheep, choosing to slaughter because we have been tricked and guided by a few intelligent individuals into believing that their will is gods. It sickens me to be honest. I’m hoping that in the future we die with this planet, for the sake of the universe and whatever sentient life resides beyond our solar system. If we don’t run into something more deadly and intelligent than ourselves we will spread across the universe replicating and destroying until there is nothing left, the probably turn on ourselves. You’ve seen Independence Day? Where one of them says that these aliens move from planet to planet wiping out the indigenous populations, stripping the planet of its resources then moving on to the next one. Somewhere in the future to another species, on another planet, we’re going to be those aliens.

There’s ample evidence of this kind of behavior in our history, indigenous holocaust, slavery, taking advantage of less worldly cultures. You only have to read history books to see that. As we set off into the unknown who knows what horrors could await us or await the first species we come into contact with and all alien species after them. Holocaust, slavery, indiscriminate murder, plundering and rape of lands and civilizations. If we can do this to our own then we can do it to anyone. Human greed will prevail in the future, we have very fickle consciences. We can dehumanize a human so why not something that isn’t even close. It could be more intelligent, peaceful and beneficial but to us it will always be less than human.

Even if it isn’t all out war we’d take advantage of them through trade as we did with other indigenous cultures and if we can take our own species as slaves and dominate animals on earth what stops us from doing the same as we move across the galaxy. Our future is set in our history, history is set to repeat itself proving that for all of our effort and experience we’ve learned nothing. The best the universe can hope for is our complete destruction or like any virus we will move from planet to planet stripping it of its resources, multiplying and destroying anything that lies in our wake. People often argue that we know better and that is exactly my point. We do know better than that but will it stop us, I think not. I could go into more detail here but I don’t think I need too. We all know what happened to Africans when we arrived, killed and enslaved. We’ve seen what happened to the Native Americans, a husk of their former glory because of European greed and Manifest destiny. Another example would be what the Spanish did to the South American cultures. Regarding our contact with alien worlds a few of you are probably thinking about the procedures we have in place to stop this kind of thing happening. Where this may be effective for micro contact of a few individuals it will not be as effective on a macro scale when we have millions of humans in space. We simply cannot rely on ourselves not to do such things. If we need technology we will wheel and deal in order to get it and later destroy those who trusted us with it because that’s the way we think and the kind of species we are.

Our superiority complex and our belief in manifest destiny are dangerous things. Especially when translated and carried through time and space to a distant world. It will either lead to total domination of everything within our ever-expanding vicinity or our total destruction. Our drive to dominate will be the death of our species or a horror story on some far off alien world. You can almost imagine an alien civilization looking to the skies preparing for the incoming horror they’ve been told about. A species so destructive and so predatory that it will not stop until it is either severely weakened or completely destroyed. Once we’ve finished petty squabbles between ourselves and stripped our planet of everything useful we’ll look into space for new and exciting opportunities. The other thing that makes me think that it is inevitable is that our star will not last forever. It will burn out destroying our world and the planets around it. We have a few billion years before this happens. If we can achieve so much in such a short time, the blink of an eye in the universe, then we can certainly develop the technology to travel forward into the unknown and do it all again.



The Green Fairy

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Tonight I’ve been drinking, not really a surprise. I’m in the USA again. I never get tired of this place. The only difference this time is that I am baby sitting my best friend who came along for 10 days, he’s a very good friend of mine and probably my only true friend. We’ve known each other since aged six when I decided that the people who were bullying him were assholes. As I’ve said before I am a bigger asshole and I saw to it that he wasn’t bullied again, the only way I knew how. A fist to the head.

You see my father was a bad man in many respects. Nothing monstrous but still a bad man. He taught me an extremely valuable lesson as a young boy. I came home one day crying because I’d been bullied, I told my old man about the incidents and you know what he did?
He hit me, his logic was that if I let anyone push me around he could too. He said that ‘if you’re going to let him hit you why can’t I?’
He kept slapping my face until I snapped and hit him back and then he said to me ‘ Next time somebody tries to hit you, that’s what you have to do.’

He then slapped me once more for disrespecting my elders. He reasoned that if someone were bullying me then I was given mandate to do whatever it took to defend myself. I defended myself and made a mess of my bully and nobody ever fucked with me again. I wonder to this day if he was a good parent or a sociopath, sometimes I wonder If I am a sociopath too. He told my teachers that if they weren’t going to protect me then both he and myself could not be responsible for what I did in self-defense. I got away without consequence and through pain and suffering learned my most valuable life lesson. He may have been a bad father but he was a good teacher.

Anyway life story aside, I’m enjoying my trip but I’m not enjoying looking after my friend and ‘little brother’ he isn’t an idiot just very awkward. He makes the smallest thing awkward and I must say when he held a gun today for the first time in his life I have never been more on edge. I expected him to accidentally shoot someone. My little  brother had Hydrocephalus which is a build up of fluid in his skull causing his brain to be crushed and nerve damage causing tremors in his hands, this was the result of a cyst on his brain prevent the drainage of CSF from his skull. Long story short If they hadn’t caught it in the next few months it could have killed him. Good times.

He decided it’d be a good idea to purchase 110% absinthe from a liquor store and some honey Jack Daniels which we don’t have in England. Needless to say we’ve drank all of it. My writing is surprisingly easy to follow considering I’m pretty drunk I must say I’m proud of myself. Anyway besides being drunk off my ass I have a pretty high level of clarity making me realize that I didn’t want to look after his ass the whole trip but we’re bros so I’m glad he came. Truth be told I wouldn’t be here without him. It’s guy love. We have a Bromance.

It’s funny how absinthe can take you back and make you remember all the not so fond memories like that life lesson your old man taught you, how close your best friend was to dying and how your mother hates you for the stupidest reason known to man. What’s even funnier is how a sweet glass of Jack asks you why you should even care. Truth is I don’t care. He is here, my old man is gone and my mother is just another obstacle to overcome. I’m wondering whether I should just move out to save her the trouble of kicking me out. That said I need to rent a room somewhere. Whatever way I look at the situation I need to make changes in order to make life more bearable and to make my relationship more functional.

I need to find jobs that I can dip in and out of when I please. Being self-employed would be best but I doubt I’ll find a job that offers self employment and a high enough wage to live comfortably. If anyone has any ideas let me know because I can’t seem to think of anything. I shouldn’t drink, it makes me thing and the more I think the more I hate my parents and my life in general. Don’t get me wrong it could be worse but it’s far from good. The more I think about it, it’s the people in my life that make it worse. One in particular really. If I become more self-sufficient then all my problems are solved except the financial ones. I will end up needing large sums to support myself. The only positive thing being that I don’t have debts. I’m starting at zero not minus.

I started out with nothing and I’ve still got most of it left. And people wonder why I’m so fucked up…